Top five android multitasking apps 2017


Hello friends, hope all are doing well.We have discussed the free recharge app, Phonepe,  and we hope that you’ve enjoyed the article.Now we came with an article, top five android multitasking apps of 2017.Enjoy the article!

1) Finger Gesture Launcher

It is a very useful app which performs functions of many apps which used by all of you every day.Finger brings shortcuts that allow jumping from 
one app to  another by simply tracing a gesture with
a finger on the screen.

   2)      Flyperlink

Flyperlink is a web browser which performs as a multitasking app in mobile devices.Flyperlinks avoids customs tabs by opening links in a floating browser, which may appear in front of your apps.Flyperlink also have a physical engine with smooth animations to the visitors.

3) Flychat

          Flychat creates chat heads like the Facebook Messenger app 
          allows us to chat your favourite app on overlay screen.Flychat 
          will notify the messages by a small bubble in  the screen.
          Flychat supports main messengers like whatsapp,telegram and hangouts.

4)Circle slidebar

It is an application to make your android experienxe better,faster and provides multitasking at anytime and anywhere!


Flytube allows to create a floating YouTube video Player.You  can watch the video while you are doing another work.And you can the resize the player too!

 So,Guys this are the five top multitasking android apps of 2017.Hope you enjoyed the article!
If you like it just share it to your friends.Thank You,have a nice day.


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