Five simple steps for using Reliance Jio sim in a dongle

Reliance Jio is back as the trending storm in the country. It  introduced Jio 1500 Rs Phone last Wednesday. Jio introduced by Reliance last year and the truth is we didn't know more about the functions of Jio Sim. We have given a tutorial earlier discussed about setting a caller tune in a Jio sim. Now We have came back with a tutorial which most of you 've waited for a long time. Is Jio sim works in a Dongle or not? Let's check it about;

There is Jiofi, A dongle made by Jio itself in the market. But the question is jio sim works in dongle of other companies or not. Well the answer is Yes.

Read the following steps carefully.

1) Use supported Jio sim cards.
(Jio sim which used in Lyf smartphones and Jio sim which acquired  by HP preview offer will also don't support in dongles.)

So what is the solution?

 Jio Sim  from a Samsung or any other 4G enabled smartphone  can be easily use  in a dongle.

2) Insert the sim in your dongle.

3) set APN

After inserting your  Jio Sim to Your dongle wait some seconds for a notification message. If that doesn't happen,go to dongle settings. Set the Access Point Name as Jionet.

4) Some Dongles automatically Choose the APN

5) Now Enjoy  Jio Network In your Dongle!

Hope you get the steps to use jio in a dongle. Well,Please share the tutorial to your friends and stay safe. Have a nice day friends.