The most awaited Jio phone has came | Click the link to preorder

preorder jio phone
Yes, the most awaited day has come. Jio 1500 Rs phone was launched by Reliance today evening. We know that you guys are (including me) waited for this very day. So need to know more about Jio 1500 INR Phone?.

Here are the features of Jio 1500 Rs Phone:

Display  - 2.4-inch QVGA(240×320 pixel)
➤ No touchscreen
Hardware - Expandable storage available
➤ RAM - unknown
➤ Rear camera available
➤ No front camera
➤ Dual sim with 4G VOLTE
Sensors - Bluetooth - NFC
Price - 1500

Well, the price of the Jio phone will be 1500 INR, and some of you may have doubt that is it free or not?

Let's check it out:

Reliance says that the actual amount of the Jio phone will be 0 INR, if though then why should we give 1500 INR?
Well, the given amount will return back within three years, says Reliance. That is the amount you give for this phone is refundable!

How Jio Phone will look like?

Jio phone will look like as a bar phone which has a display of the 2.4-inch screen. The touch screen is not available and the keypad will be there. The most important feature of Jio Phone is its 4G compatibility. There is no another brand in Indian market which has a 4G phone at this low price tag!

➤ Online booking is there for getting Jio phone.
➤ Jio 1500 INR is available in

How to book Jio phone on online?

➊ Visit the website (
➋ Then You will see an online booking banner in their website.
➌ Give your details in appropriate columns and make the payment clear.
➍ Sale will be held on as per your booking basis.
jio phone registration
You can also buy Jio 1500 INR Phone from nearest Reliance Digital Express stores at your region. It will be available in online platforms in some days.

With the arrival of Jio 1500 INR Phone, the 2G-3G mobile users also will get chance to use Jio network. Book your Jio phone immediately. Have a nice day!