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Top Five free Paytm Cash giving Apps

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Hello friends, hope all of you having a nice day. The big change that happened in recent years is many countries slowly entered to the world of digital transaction. And our minds also started to think about making money in online. And here I came before you with a few apps which give you instant free Paytm Cash.

There is millions of apps available in Playstore with Refer,Earn,and giving rewards like free Paytm cash. But only few of them is genuine and Pay Genuine.

Top Five Free Paytm Cash giving Apps

1) CashBoss

* CashBoss is an app where you can download apps and earn rewards.

* You Can Download Apps , Complete Tasks & Earn Unlimited Paytm Cash From It.

* Rewards: Free recharge and Free Paytm Cash

2) BulbSmash Game

* BulbSmash Game is one of the 'Top free games' in Playstore.

* You can earn up to Rs. 1000 Free Paytm cash.

* You can earn more by playing the game, completing tasks and topping the group.

* Rewards - Free Paytm Cash.

3) Slide App

* You can easily earn money with this App

* Just Slide the lock screen and on every slide you will get some free cash.

* You can also earn money by referring friends.

* Rewards- Free Paytm Cash, Free Mobikwik cash, Free Recharge

4) NewsDog App

* You can simply earn free Paytm cash by reading news, Referring Friends and Chain Earning.

* We have already given a article about this app.

* Rewards- Free Paytm Cash

5) Data Buddy App

* Data Buddy App is an Android app which pay you free cash by completing simple tasks.

* You get free cash by performing simple tasks like installing , downloading & registering on the top trending free android Apps, Games & website.

* Rewards- Instant 5 Rs, Rs 10 when your friend make their first recharge and inviters get upto Rs 100.

So these are the top five Apps which give you free Paytm cash. Enjoy your free cash by using this apps. Share this article which may helps your friends too. Have a nice day ahead friends. Bye Bye.

Five simple steps for using Reliance Jio sim in a dongle

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Reliance Jio is back as the trending storm in the country. It  introduced Jio 1500 Rs Phone last Wednesday. Jio introduced by Reliance last year and the truth is we didn't know more about the functions of Jio Sim. We have given a tutorial earlier discussed about setting a caller tune in a Jio sim. Now We have came back with a tutorial which most of you 've waited for a long time. Is Jio sim works in a Dongle or not? Let's check it about;

There is Jiofi, A dongle made by Jio itself in the market. But the question is jio sim works in dongle of other companies or not. Well the answer is Yes.

Read the following steps carefully.

1) Use supported Jio sim cards.
(Jio sim which used in Lyf smartphones and Jio sim which acquired  by HP preview offer will also don't support in dongles.)

So what is the solution?

 Jio Sim  from a Samsung or any other 4G enabled smartphone  can be easily use  in a dongle.

2) Insert the sim in your dongle.

3) set APN

After inserting your  Jio Sim to Your dongle wait some seconds for a notification message. If that doesn't happen,go to dongle settings. Set the Access Point Name as Jionet.

4) Some Dongles automatically Choose the APN

5) Now Enjoy  Jio Network In your Dongle!

Hope you get the steps to use jio in a dongle. Well,Please share the tutorial to your friends and stay safe. Have a nice day friends.

Now you can Earn Real Cash from SBI Buddy App: Refer and Earn

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SBI buddy app
SBI, the State Bank of India holds a great position in the banking sector in India. SBI has almost 15,000 branches and around 50,000 ATM's all over India. After the demonization process, the banking firms of the country started to concentrate more on online and mobile apps, wallets etc. Paytm, Chillr, Payzapp are some of it.

SBI, the government owned bank has introduced a virtual wallet, SBI Buddy.

What is SBI Buddy?

SBI Buddy has all tasks that we can see in Paytm. We can send payment and recharge our mobile phones too. And now SBI buddy has introduced a new offer to us, "Refer and Earn"

The Refer and Earn offer

Refer and earn is a simple way to earn money by referring SBI Buddy to your friends.

How can we earn money in 'refer and earn' offer?
Download the SBI Buddy app from Play Store.
then you will see two boxes on the screen; new user and existing user.
select 'new user' tab and fill the columns given
there will be a box for add a promo code. Just type or copy paste PARC (your mobile number)  as the promo code.

So, the sign-up process is over. Then refer your friends the SBI Buddy App. Please read the given steps to refer your friends:

Ask your friends to install the SBI Buddy App in Play Store.
After downloading, say your friends to enter your registered mobile number (PARC) in referral code field.
 Then ask him/her to do any two transactions. Sending twice to an account is also okay for your earning.
When the transaction becomes complete you will get 25 rupees as a referral award.
There is no limit for referring friends and your rewards will be credited to your account at every Tuesday.

We think that given tutorial is easy to understand about SBI Buddy Refer and Earn offer. You can use the payment for money transaction, online recharging in mobile phone and DTH etc. So guys, enjoy the SBI Buddy Refer and Earn offer and we will be back with a new tutorial. Have a nice day.

The most awaited Jio phone has came | Click the link to preorder

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preorder jio phone
Yes, the most awaited day has come. Jio 1500 Rs phone was launched by Reliance today evening. We know that you guys are (including me) waited for this very day. So need to know more about Jio 1500 INR Phone?.

Here are the features of Jio 1500 Rs Phone:

Display  - 2.4-inch QVGA(240×320 pixel)
➤ No touchscreen
Hardware - Expandable storage available
➤ RAM - unknown
➤ Rear camera available
➤ No front camera
➤ Dual sim with 4G VOLTE
Sensors - Bluetooth - NFC
Price - 1500

Well, the price of the Jio phone will be 1500 INR, and some of you may have doubt that is it free or not?

Let's check it out:

Reliance says that the actual amount of the Jio phone will be 0 INR, if though then why should we give 1500 INR?
Well, the given amount will return back within three years, says Reliance. That is the amount you give for this phone is refundable!

How Jio Phone will look like?

Jio phone will look like as a bar phone which has a display of the 2.4-inch screen. The touch screen is not available and the keypad will be there. The most important feature of Jio Phone is its 4G compatibility. There is no another brand in Indian market which has a 4G phone at this low price tag!

➤ Online booking is there for getting Jio phone.
➤ Jio 1500 INR is available in jio.com

How to book Jio phone on online?

➊ Visit the website (https://www.jio.com/JioWebApp/)
➋ Then You will see an online booking banner in their website.
➌ Give your details in appropriate columns and make the payment clear.
➍ Sale will be held on as per your booking basis.
jio phone registration
You can also buy Jio 1500 INR Phone from nearest Reliance Digital Express stores at your region. It will be available in online platforms in some days.

With the arrival of Jio 1500 INR Phone, the 2G-3G mobile users also will get chance to use Jio network. Book your Jio phone immediately. Have a nice day!

Do free apps earn money? Yes. Here’s how

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We’ve all heard success stories. We’ve also learned that all good things start from a scratch. Companies which make millions now were at a point when they were offering their services for free.
Speaking about free, do you know the most paid apps and software in Play Store or App Store or any store for that matter are the ones which don't cost the user a dime? Don’t think so. I know it sounds unreasonable, perhaps more contrary but have you ever wondered how they retrieve the money they invested while making an app? Maybe then you’d want to rethink.

Now, what’s the catch here? How do they make something for themselves by offering a free product? You’re here to find out.If you looked closer at how mobile app revenues are channeled on a global basis, you’d find that the strategy for in-app purchases has rocketed sky high. And this is how your favorite apps, be it Spotify or Clash of Clans make the most of it with.

Got an idea that you wanted to make an app with and you don’t know how to make it get you something in return? You’ll get a hang of it by the time you’re done reading this.
Let’s start things by discussing the globally accepted version of a freemium. It’s the kind of app which offers you the basic functionality of a service. The aim of this type of business is to lure in users in a way it’s irresistible to not use it later. Most of these apps would be trial versions of their Premium app and if you’re trying to hit gold with a larger number of audience, this is the most powerful strategy when making an app available.

Freemium has its flaws as well and as it goes with most apps, you must have something to sell yourself with and only a certain set of an audience would prefer buying a premium version of your product.

The next one on the list would be In-App Purchases. The idea of an in-app purchase is to satisfy a consumer without making them pay for anything at the start. Like when we talk about a game. Most games these days are supposed with in-app purchases. The idea is to allow even free users play the whole of the game which would make them go for a run at the start. Just when it hits them that they need more than free bounties to get them more from the game, that’s when to opt for buying value-added packs inside the game to let them play it more efficiently. Developers can make use of this by adding restrictions to a few things that can only be accessed once a user pays for it and this has gained market big time in the past half a decade.

What’s better is that purchasing a certain part of the product is easy and one doesn’t have to pay for things they wouldn’t want to have. This gives developers a way to maximize the conversion rate when offering add-ons.

There’s also a catch. While developing such a strategy for your app is easy, it needs constant maintenance in the form of regular updates, thus increasing the cost of the product that you need to tale care of.

In-app advertising is more of a happy thingy for both the users and the consumers and is the simplest way for you to make money off an app. All you have to do is make use of an advertising team, it could be AdMob or InMobi and make them place ads for you. But you’ve got to work on a lot many angles that might include sorting out users on the basis of their country of origin, the ad format and a unique way to impress them.

The most used approach when using in-app advertising is the one that counts the number of clicks and impressions. But it’s safe to say that this model has gone beyond its targeted future and it doesn’t fetch as much income like the rest of the approaches.

One other good way to earn money off your app is to advertise with third parties to fetch you something every time a user installs an app or successive apps on pop-ups. The CPI or the Cost per Install model takes all the essence of advertising to put it to use without actually annoying the users with an advertisement. When a user is about to terminate a session, your app must be made to suggest another app for free or a discounted price and thus adds a lifetime value to your app. Some CPI clients like Playhaven and Chartboost make way to integrate well inside your app, thus allowing you to act like a publisher and an advertiser at the same time.

Once you sort all this out, you’re still not done until you’re properly sponsored and sponsored well. Make contacts with the highest profile of the line of work your app is into and take as much as you get while promoting both you and the sponsor at the same time. Once you’ve sorted out the specific bunch of people you’re targeting your apps too, then it’s easier to sort a sponsor for you. For example, you’re designing an online payment service, you’ve got to make sure you’re backed up by a bank or a few of them. The aim is to enhance your brand by promoting them which gives you access to a larger top end market.

Okay. Now you’ve chosen a strategy and a sponsor for yourself. Are you done? No. Once all this is done, you have to analyze what you offer t what your competitors offer in the same field of work. You must figure out a way to constantly up your game when compared to what your competitors offer to the users. Details. That’s the key. Make your actions matter to the smallest level of details you could grasp in with.

All set? Now you’re wondering which store to hit your app with, aren’t you?
If you compare the gross downloads to the revenue earned through apps in the iOS and the Google play, you’ll find that the App Store gets more revenue with lower downloads than its Google counterpart. For its success, we’d suggest you go to the App Store but getting onto the App Store is no small feat. The approval process in itself takes longer and costs higher than any but if you’re planning to wait rather than getting lower revenue from an app in the Google Play Store, then the App Store is the right place for you to be.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has a clear-cut $99 registration fee after which you can keep your app(s) on display even if it’s supposed to be a paid app and you can thus benefit through third party clients on this one.

So, let’s recap all we’ve learnt from this. Define a monetisation strategy for your app, that’s the first thing you need to take care of. You don’t need advertising if your app isn’t meant to promote a business. Just the presence of an app can make you money. Expand your business by sponsoring a bigger brand or just choose to adore their site and get yourself to a wide variety of the market. That gets you access to a whole new range of opportunities and always stay updated with constant updates based on the kind of strategy you choose to go with. Sort out your targeted audience by choosing the store you want to showcase your top money making app with. Lastly, analyse and research on what makes you stand out from the crowd and what would define your app among the rest of the million. That’s your way to figuring out a way to define yourself to the world. And this is how you make some money from an app. Cheers!

Next Lock Screen App: Protects Your Phone More Accurately

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Hello, loyal blog readers!! Hope you all experienced ma previous articles on True Balance App, Bucker App, Primo App, etc. Today I would like to introduce a nice Android app named Next Lock Screen App. It is an ultimate lock screen for busy professionals. Next Lock Screen app protects your smartphone from the unwanted access by others and is also instantly more productive. So, as said it is an excellent companion for your daily life and is a simple but powerful app which protects your smartphone deeply.

Special Features:
Custom Unlock: Comparing to other simple protections such as pattern lock, PIN lock, etc it also introduce the fingerprint lock which is a fabulous feature.
 People: Make easy access for your favorite contacts from the lock screen itself.
 Notifications: View your missed calls, text messages, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc notifications.
 Wallpapers: Select your favorite pictures as your wallpaper and also can be applied the wallpapers from Bing on each day.
 Apps: Launch your beloved app with their built-in app launcher.
 Music Player: Play your favorite musics and songs. Also, supports popular music apps such as Spotify, Audible & Pandora.
 Weather: With automatic updates, checks the local weather.
 Calendar: Your all favorite events, time and location are displayed. Also, receive summaries on the meetings you have for today & tomorrow.
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Next Lock Screen app is available in Google Play Store and it supports English, Spanish, Chinese and Portugese languages. Actually, Next Lock Screen is a Microsoft Garage project brought to you by the creaters of Arrow launcher, the simple, personal launcher for Android. So, what are you waiting for? Download Next Lock Screen app from the above link and experience the app.

Freecharge Offer: Get Rs.40 Recharge For All Users

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Hi, TechnoDripians!! How di? I know, you all are enjoying the free 1 GB Airtel 4G data as per ma previous article. Now, I am going to introduce an exciting offer on FreechargeFreecharge.in is India's 1st free online prepaid mobile recharge and top up service provider company. So, Freecharge is the simplest and fastest way to do online recharges and is also most assured website for recharging. Coming to our point, now they introduce a Rs.40 recharge offer. Simply follow below steps to grab it.

Steps To Avail Rs.40 Recharge:
 Open Freecharge web from here and also can use Freecharge app.
 Login with your account or create new account.
 Perform a recharge for Rs.20.
 Apply the Promocode.
       Promocode: INDIA
 Pay with debit/credit or freecharge credit.
 Now, you can use this Rs.20 offer twice (means Rs.20 twice, hence gives Rs.40 recharge absolutely free).
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Terms & Conditions:
 Valid on minimum transaction of Rs.20.
 Promocode: INDIA should be applied to get the offer.
 Not valid for add cash transactions.
 Valid twice per user.
 Not valid for virtual cards & international cards (issued only in India).
 Offer valid for Freecharge customers only.

So, enjoy the Rs.40 (Rs.20 twice) free recharge from Freecharge. Grab it soon!! Don't wait!!

Get 1 GB 4G Data Absolutely For Free

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Hello, guys!! Today I am back with an amazing offer on Airtel 4G.  Yes!! Now, enjoy 1 GB free 4G data in few 4G enabled states such as Andhra Pradesh & Telengana, Kerala, Haryana, Maharashtra, Delhi, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and so on. You just want to dail 52122 number to activate this amazing offer. Excited, right? I know, most users enjoys Jio nowadays. But, if you are struggling with a rush network, you should definitly taste this amazing superfast network of Airtel 4G. So, hurry up and grab this fabulous offer.

How To Avail Free 1 GB 4G:
 Dial 52122 from your updgraded 4G SIM.
 If you recieve a confirmation message, you are done.
 Now, the 1 GB 4G data will be credited to your Airtel account.

Terms & Conditions To Be Satisfied:
 Offer valid for selected states only.
 Offer is valid only for 4G upgraded customers.
 Use this great offer only in 4G enabled mode.
 Offer only applicable with 4G supportive devices.
 Limited period offer.

So, Airtel customers, have your free data and enjoy 1 GB for free. Stay tuned for more exciting offers!!

Enjoy unlimited 3G/4G data: Databack App

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I discussed so many free recharge apps on ma previous articles like Ladoo Free Recharge App, Fokat Money App, Yoo Free Recharge app, etc. But today I am going to introduce an app get free data. Nowadays we cannot move on without the internet connection. Each and everything is computerised. All registrations, billing, results, etc are done through the internet. So, without an internet connection, we cannot hold anything in our daily life. So, here I introduce an app which gives us unlimited free 3G/4G data. It is an identical app like Gigato.
So, Databack App offers free data for the users for downloading apps and using a certain amount of data on these apps to get extra. Also, this app provides free data by inviting your friends and participating in contests. This is supported in all Android versions and OS versions. It does not provide any restrictions for using data.

How to get free data:
 Download and install Databack App from Google Playstore.
 Signup using a promo code or any referral code.
 If you login with any referral code you will get extra 5 MB.

How to Refer & Earn:
 Go to Menu.
 Click on the button 'Invite & Get Data'.
 Copy your individual referral code and invite your friends.
 When your friend signup using your referral code, you will receive 5 MB instantly.
 When your friend earns 20 MB, extra 10 MB will be credited to your data pack wallet.
 By joining, your friend also will get extra 5 MB.
 BeeWise App: Get Rs.10 For Sign Up + Rs.10 Per Referral (Bank Transferable - Proof Added)

How to avail data:
 Your minimum redeem balance is 150 MB.
 So, first of all, earn 150 MB by downloading and referring.
 Now, go to your Data Balance & redeem free internet packs as per your choice.

So, here I introduced a well working app which gives us data for free. At the present time, we cannot live without the internet. So, this Databack App will be very impressive for you. So, download it and start enjoying unlimited 3G/4G data absolutely for free.

Ladoo free recharge app: Earn as Paytm cash

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Hi, TechnoDrip readers!! Hope you enjoyed ma previous articles on freecharge app like Fokat Money App and Yoo Free Recharge App. Ladoo is another prominent recharge app like Earn Talktime and Mcent App. Using Ladoo App we can download many apps such as Flipkart, Amazon, Eros now, Jabong, Payzapp and much more. For each, you will be rewarded with the free Paytm cash. This can be redeemed for free mobile recharge.
Also, you can earn Rs.40 by inviting your friends via Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Nowadays this app is becoming more popular. The cash given to the Paytm wallet can be redeemed to recharge your mobile phone as well as your DTH connections. If you do not have enough balance in your wallet how will you recharge?? Don't worry!! Here the uniqueness of Ladoo App works. It can also do paid recharge using your debit card.

Spectacular features:
 Free Paytm Cash for downloading apps from Ladoo.
 Book movie tickets in BookMyShow.
 Book train tickets from IRCTC.
 Free DTH recharge across Bharath (Supporting DTH connections: Dish TV, Sun TV, Airtel Digital TV, Reliance Big TV, Videocon d2h and TATA Sky).
 Free mobile recharge (Supporting networks: Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, MTNL, Idea, Reliance, TATA Docomo, Loop Mobile, MTS, TATA Indicom, Videocon, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone and Uninor).
 Pay your gas, landline and electricity bills.
 Enjoy shopping on Paytm.
 Pay for your Uber ride.
 Send money to your beloved once.
 Paid recharge using the debit card.
 BeeWise App: Get Rs.10 For Sign Up + Rs.10 Per Referral (Bank Transferable - Proof Added)

How to install:
 Download Ladoo App from Google Playstore.
 Install and open it.
 Verify your mobile number.
 Get your referral link.
 Share it with your friends and enjoy high paying referral offers.
So, here I introduced a new free recharge app: Ladoo Free Recharge App which is trusted among 9 million users because of it's ridiculous user experience and comfort of registration. So, what are you waiting for?? Just download it and experience free recharge.

Fokat Money App: Earn Rs.30+ per Referral

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Hello, TechnoDripians!! Hope you all enjoyed ma previous articles on free recharging apps like 5 Best Free Recharge Apps For Earning Unlimited TalktimeTalkcharge: Avail Upto 200% CashbackGenext Students App: Now Be Educated With Earning Moneyetc. Fokat Money App gives you ultimate ease and experience to claim free gifts and do your mobile recharges, bill payments etc while you also get wonderful deals from all Major Brands of your choice. With this extraordinary app, you can earn unlimited mobile recharge and also includes the best shortlisted apps for your daily use.

Why Fokat Money App is simply awesome:
 Regular contests for amazing gifts, talktime.
 Free mobile recharge & utility bill payments.
 Send wishes & greetings to your loved ones.
 Wonderful discount deals from all major brands.
 Selective content with trending videos to enjoy & share with friends.
 Jokes to create the laugh riot.

How to install:
 Download the Fokat app from Google Playstore.
 Open & register the app with your mobile number.
 Verify it with OTP.
 Now download 2-3 apps from the offer list and earn minimum Rs.20 & do your first recharge.
 Share your referral link and get Rs.30 per refer.
Amazing features:
 Avail free recharge for every action.
 Get exciting deals of best e-commerce portals for free.
 Can perform recharge to any mobile networks (Supports Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, MTNL, Idea, MTS, Reliance, TATA, Uninor, Vodafone, and Videocon).
 Recharge DTH accounts across Videocon d2h, TATA Sky, Sun TV, Airtel Digital TV, Reliance Big TV, and Dish TV.
 Wallet with PG integration.
 Gift a deal to your loved ones.
Now tune to Fokat Money App and start earning for unlimited recharge. This is a cool app which works very smoothly with fall in love features comparing with other apps. So guys, enjoy this Fokat Money App and start earning with experiencing its easiness.

Yoo Free Recharge App: Earn Rs.10 per referral and Win Exciting Prizes

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Hello, friends!! Today I introduce you a terrific #1 app for discovering the best android apps and get rewarded with free recharge on your mobile phone. In this app, you can enjoy unlimited recharge by just checking out of best apps. In Yoo, you can get started in seconds by just registering your mobile number. Now, the cool apps shown in the Yoo app can be downloaded for availing rewards and also can avail Rs.10 per referral.
In this unique referral system, you can avail up to Rs.10 per referral + 10% of what they earn for the lifetime. Isn't it smooth?? Yes, it is!! You can earn up to Rs.110 by this unique referral system. Another peculiar advantage is you can participate monthly referral contest. Invite all your friends and win exciting prizes like smart phones, headphones and much more.

Amazing features:
 No complex registration.
 Recharge your mobile instantly (Supports Aircel, MTNL, Idea, MTS, BSNL, Reliance, TATA Docomo, TATA Indicom, Uninor, Videocon and Vodafone).
 Perfect apps updated daily.
 Avail Rs.110 for every friend you invite.
 Enjoy terrific offers only for you.
 Exciting prizes like smart phones, headsets and more every month.
 BeeWise App: Get Rs.10 For Sign Up + Rs.10 Per Referral (Bank Transferable - Proof Added)

How to install:
Download and install Yoo Free Recharge App from Playstore.
Now register your mobile number & verify it.
 Complete any offer to earn free recharge.
 Go to menu, click on 'Refer & Earn' and copy your referral link.
 Invite your friends to Yoo & every friend that install at least one app via Yoo, you will be rewarded with Rs.10 + get 10% of what they earn.

So friends, here I popularised #1 app for free recharge and to win exciting prizes. For the referral, you can win up to Rs.110. You just want to check the app every day to see new offers and install them and participate in the referral contest to get exciting prizes.

BeeWise App: Get Rs.10 for Sign up + Rs.10 per referral (Bank transferable - Proof added)

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Hi, loyal blog readers!! Hope you enjoyed ma previous articles of Primo App and Bucker App. Likewise, today I introduce another fabulous app: BeeWise App. It is #1 money making app which helps users track all daily expenses without ever entering them. Users can visualise their expenses in real time across categories, time and merchants. In BeeWise you can earn real cash by just referring friends. You can earn Rs.10 per referral and can redeem to Citrus wallet if the balance becomes up to a minimum of Rs.100. So, you can earn real cash by simply inviting 9 friends. So, start having this lovely app.

Key features:
 Highly secure since no bank integrations required.
 Track spends across mediums: Card, Cash, Net banking, Savings.
 Having 1 million merchants across India.
 Can redeem personalised coupons, discounts & offers at partner site or apps.
 Immensely User-friendly.
 Light on the hardware.
 Automatic category tagging without entering any data.
 Supports almost all banks in India.

How to get Signup bonus + Referral:
 Download BeeWise App.
 Install & open the app (use any referral to get Sign up bonus).
 Enter your mobile number & Sign up.
 Verify your mobile number via OTP.
 Slide the screen now, click on tick mark in below of the screen.
 Now you will get Rs.10 credits instantly to your wallet.

How to earn:
 Go to Menu, click on 'Referrals'.
 Get your own referral link there.
 Share your referral link with your friends. Once your friend performs downloading & installing using your referral link, then you get Rs.10 credits and also your friend will get Rs.10 as Sign up bonus.
 True Balance App: Earn Rs.20 By Just Downloading & Rs.10 Per Referral

How to Redeem:
 Go to HomePage, click on Wallet icon in top right side of App.
 Wait for full page load, once it is getting full load then, you will see your earned balance.
 Click on 'Checkout' & enter your amount & submit.
 On the next page, Enter your Citrus wallet details & transfer it.


So, readers!! What are you waiting for?? Download this instantly real money making app and just start enjoying.

True Balance App: Earn Rs.20 By Just Downloading & Rs.10 Per Referral

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Hello, Guys !! I am back by introducing another cent percent working app: True Balance App. I know, you all will be very much interested in using of Bucker App on reading ma last article. In this app, you can earn Rs.20 just by downloading it and Rs.10 per referral. Past times this app was available only in limited states (that is, only in Delhi-NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Haryana & Karnataka). But at the present times, it is extended to almost all states in India (Assam, Jammu & Kashmir, North East India excluded). Excited, Right??
Your excitation is all over here. Just follow the steps to earn money. Don't forget that the promotional offer will give you Rs.10 for referring your friends. You can invite them via referral code or referral link and enjoy free recharge.

Steps To Earn:
 First, you just download True Balance App from Playstore.
 Open the app and allow the permission.
 Enable true balance option available after installing the app.
 It detects the Eligible States in India for the existing SIM.
 Enter the mobile number to verify via OTP.
 Now, you got Rs.10 in your True Balance App Wallet.
    "If you click in 'Emergency Recharge' you can avail Rs.10 !!"
 When you use any referral code then you earn Rs.10 + Emergency Recharge: Rs.10. So, you earn Rs.20 in you wallet.

Now thinking how to refer and earn?? I am here to help by any means. Just follow the steps below:
 Open the True Balance App.
 Go to Home page.
 Click on 'Earn'.
 Now there generate you own referral code.
 Also, you can earn by sharing the link via Whatsapp, E-mail, etc.
 Now, if your friend downloads this app with your referral code then you can earn Rs.10.

Another special feature of this app is that it can track your talk time and mobile data frequently. So that you can get special and better offer exclusively for you. This can also earn points.
 Earn Unlimited Free Recharge Using Noddy Cash App

Special features:
 Rooting not required.
 Very easy to handle.
 Can have any type of recharge.
 Single or Dual SIM capability.
 Low balance alert.
 Earn points for checking balance.
 Customizable preference.
 Expiry alerts.
 More accurate app.
 Automatic data balance inquiry after disconnecting.
 Automatic checking of call cost after each call.

So, here I introduced a fast money making app which is easy to handle, access and earn. It can also perform recharge by credit or debit and even net banking. The main delighted thing in this app is that you can earn Rs.10 by just downloading the app and surely you will not forget about the referral earnings. Still reading?? Are you crazy?? Just go to Google Playstore and download True Balance App and start earning yaar !!!

Bucker App: Earn Rs.300 Paytm Cash Daily

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Hai guys!! Hope you enjoyed our previous article on Earning Money on Goibibo. Today, I introduce Bucker App which is a genuine app to earn Rs.300 free Paytm cash daily by referring friends. Bucker is an all in one platform that lets you search, compare and book the cheapest flights, compare prices across online shopping app, get India's best coupons (no expired coupons) and book cabs.
Using Bucker App you can order food, online shopping or book cabs. These all can be performed in this single nice app. I know, you spend more time by searching or comparing  across multiple apps. So, here the heroism of Bucker begins. It gets triggered while you normally use apps to avail a service by understanding the need for the comparisons, coupons, and best deals.

Currently, they give Rs.300 Paytm cash daily as per their promotional offer. You just want to refer friends to these earnings and the person with most referrals per day at the top of leadership board can achieve this amazing offer. They select 3 winners daily.
 1st prize: Rs.300 Paytm cash.
 2nd prize: Rs.150 Paytm cash.
 3rd prize: Rs.100 Paytm cash.

How to earn:
 Download Bucker App from Google Playstore.
 Install & open it.
 Enter your mobile number.
 Verify your mobile number via OTP.
 Enter the details.
 Now, you can redirect to app dashboard.
 Start referring to earn.
 Future Pay Wallet App: Get Rs.100 As Signup Bonus (Redeemable At Future Group Stores)

How to refer:
 Open Bucker App & click on 'Menu'.
 Select 'Refer & Earn' option.
 Here, you can see your referral link generated.
 Share it with your buddies.
 In order to check your rank, click on the LeaderBoard option on this same 'Refer & Earn' tab.
 The person with most referrals can earn Rs..300 Paytm cash.

Special features:
 Cabs: Cab bookings are made easier. Bucker App helps to compare cabs across all major cab servicing providers at one place based on the final price.
 Coupons or Deals: Get the latest and amazing coupons and discounts for recharge, movies, buses, flights, hotels, food, groceries, and fashion. The role of Bucker is to select the perfect coupon exclusively for you for getting maximum discount.
 Shopping: Shop the favourite products you need by comparing various e-commerce sites. It supports the providers like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Shopclues, Snapdeal and much more.

So, friends here introduced Bucker App which helps you to select the best offers comparing each in shopping, coupons, and booking cab. Also, don't forget about the promotional offer they give. Now, start enjoying.

Goibibo: Earn Money & Get Your Bookings For Free

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I know, you all will be very much excited with the Primo App and Whatscall App. Goibibo app now introduces goCash plus. In this plan, you can spend money by your own choice without any restrictions. Can you believe it?? Yes, it's true guys!! Goibibo app gives us Rs.2000 for free while installing and signing up by a referral code. After installing it, by inviting 5 friends you can earn Rs.500 extra. You can choose this app for Hotel booking, flight booking, bus booking, etc. Thinking how to install and have your money or how to have bookings?? I am here to help you!! Just follow the instructions given below. So, grab the charming offers in front of you and earn unlimited Goibibo cash. This app is available on both Android and Windows phones.

How To Earn Using Goibibo App:
 Open playstore (Windows store for Windows phone users) and download the app: Goibibo.
 Install it and Signup with your google account.
 Now fill your details (Full Name, Referal code: asgadk2, e-mail id & password, and mobile number).
 A one-time verification key will be sent to your given number for verification.
 Just enter it for finalising the steps.
 Now you are able for your bookings with Rs.2000 credited.
 After all, doing these steps you can earn extra money by inviting your friends by your referral code.
 For it, you just want to click on the left menu near my account option.
 Then, click on Refer & Earn option which appeared right now.
 At last, share the referral URL or you can also give direct code. Also can share your URL via Social media, e-mail and SMS.
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You can utilise this money not only for bookings in Goibibo but also into real by just one trick. That is if any of your friends or family members need to have some bookings just say them "I'll do it!", so they will definitely give you the responsibility to book for their needs because of thinking about the booking hassles. So, here you can book easily through this app with your account and the credited money in your Goibibo app can be utilised. Thus the credited money becomes real.

So, here this app works for both Android and Windows users. From here it strikes that users can
be referred without knowing the OS used in smartphones. So, install this fantastic travelling app
and have money following simple steps.

Primo App: Make Free Unlimited Internet Calls To Both Landline & Local

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I warmly wishes you a 'Happy New Year' for all TechnoDripians!! I know, now you will very much familiar with Whatscall which I introduced on the last day. Likewise, today I am back with a new app: Primo App. Primo app makes free international calls over 3 billion people around the world. Calling works without data in over 60 countries on the Primo voice network. You can use your cellular voice minutes to make calls when you are not near wifi or out of data. Using Primo App you can make unlimited free calls.
Primo App gives to make free unlimited new calling trick. Also, you can call landlines in over 30 destinations for free, or purchase low per minute rates to reach over 200 destinations. Occasionally, you may find yourself in one of the 65 countries that offer Primo's voice network. In the areas, you can call even when not connected to the internet.

Special Features:
 Free international calling.
 Call anyone, anywhere.
 Unlimited & free Primo to Primo calls & chats.
 Get rewarded.
 Text messaging.
 Share anything.
Excited?? Wanna download?? Download it from here.
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So, enjoy the special and astonishing features of Primo App which let you stay in connected to anyone, anywhere you need. Another exciting feature about Primo is, your Primo account includes a free US phone number to receive inbound calls and texts. Don't forget about the referral programme. Just invite you friend and when they download and join, you will be rewarded with free referral minutes that never expires. So, download Primo App from the above link and just have the features as your own.