Whatsapp Gold Edition: Send 10,000 Images Instead Of 10 Images

I don't need to introduce Whatsapp anymore because we all use Whatsapp each and every day. Even we are longlasting our connection with others using this fabulous app. Whatsapp helps us to be in touch with others with just of some data balance and can also share images, videos, etc. This big dominance helps us to keep in touch with others. So, here I introduce Whatsapp Plus Gold Edition 5.0 which is an extreme version comparing with basic versions.
Whatsapp Plus Gold Edition 5.0 is available only for Android users now. There are so many astonishing features for this gold edition. Some of them are, can share 10,000 images instead 10 images in the basic version, can change your status in 251.99 characters instead of 139 characters, etc. Attractive right? Yes, it is!!

How To Install:
 Download & Install default Whatsapp.
 Follow the general procedure of Whatsapp installation.
 Then, the message to any of your friends.
 Now, perform a backup of the chats & uninstall Whatsapp.
 Now, it will ask for a restore. Restore now.
 Verify your mobile number.

Now, enjoy Whatsapp Plus Gold Edition 5.0.
Astonishing Features:
 Share up to 10,000 images instead of 10 images
 Send up to a video of size 5 GB instead of 16 MB.
 No lags.
 Attractive font style.
 Enjoy media preview without loading.
 You can change your status in 251.99 characters instead of 139 characters.
 You can copy friend's status.
 Emoji color changed for the pretty look.
 FAB is added.
 Attached icon is changed.
 You can give bold name contact in chats.
 Different theme mods introduced.
 All crashes solved.
 Added contact & Output switching disabled.
 You can hide you "last seen".
 Displayed last seen or online on the main screen.

So, the features are unlimited. Still keeping basic version? Download Whatsapp Plus Gold Edition 5.0 and enjoy the charming features I mentioned above. It is far and far better compared to Whatsapp basic version.