Voklsvento Recharge App: Earn Real Money, Paytm & Recharge For Free (Bank Transferable)

Today I introduce a fantastic app in which you can earn for free and also can be easily turn to real money, means can be transfered to your bank account. Also, it is a nice platform to earn Paytm cash and free recharge too. Voklsvento introduces a Refer & Earn initiative which is very simple to follow as well as earn. So, to earn just follow the below steps sharply.

Steps To Earn:
 Download Voklsvento Recharge App from here.
➋ Open the app, click on the 'Register' button.
 Enter the referral code: 9745119996 (Mandatory step).
 Then fill your details: Name, Password & Mobile number submit it.
 Now verify via OTP.
 After successful registration, you will receive a message of "Your account is verified and fully  activate now. Your username and Referral code is _______ and password is _______. Thank  you".
 Now, login with your mobile number and password.
 You can see dynamic tasks, clicking on it will open Play Store or browser.
 Keep opened it for 2 seconds then come back to the app.
 Repeat the above two steps until you get a notification of "You have reached the limit of clicks for  today or you reached max limit in the app".
 For refreshing the amount, click Menu and then click Refresh.
 1 per click 1st week, then 0.75 per click 2nd week, then 0.50 per click 3rd week, then 0.25 per            click 4th week.
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How To Refer & Earn:
 Referring a friend will give you a bonus: 20% of friend's earning.
 Your registered mobile number is your referral code.
 If your friend sign up with your referral code then, your level 1 earning comes up.
 Then, anyone who uses your friends referral code will give you level 2 of earnings. Likewise, the       process continues:
                Level 1 : 20%
                Level 2 : 10%
                Level 3 : 5%
                Level 4 : 3%
                Level 5 : 1%

Minimum Redemption Amounts:
 Recharge : Rs.10
 Paytm : Rs.50
 Bank transfer : Rs.500

Voklsvento Recharge App is a simple way to earn real money as per the above steps. Download Voklsvento Recharge App and enjoy its awsome features. Its unstopable Refer & Earn initiative will give you unlimited earnings.