Top 5 Cydia Apps for Movies

Undoubtedly watching movies and tv shows is the most exciting and awesome work to do. Yes, now live tv shows and movies are available on our smartphones which can be viewed almost free or at a limited cost.

If your device is jailbroken, it is going to be super easy and fast to download such applications on your phone. Cydia live tv applications are quite amazing to use. So let’s discuss the top 5 Cydia apps for Movies.

1. iPlay Cydia App

iPlay app is a movie streaming application that allows you to watch movies on your iDevices comfortably. It enables you to choose movies from latest movies, highest rated movies and much more. There is no doubt that it is going to give HD quality with an amazing movie collection to watch. Users can look for their favorite movies as and when they want. It is an amazing and impressive Cydia movie app. iPlay app is available for $6.99 per month subscription.

2. VideoTube Cydia App

Video Tube is an amazing application that is giving you outstanding quality movies in a go. It uses public file sharing sites to host the links and provide you the best movie quality. There is no need for account registration with Video Tube app. Totally free of cost application with an impressive user interface. You can enjoy the app as and when you like!

3. UnlimVideos Cydia App

If you want to watch unlimited movies, tv shows and videos then UnlimVideos is the perfect destination for all the movie lovers. It arranges your movies in a perfect list with the help of its inbuilt file manager. Therefore, you can watch movies and tv shows without any tension to manage them. It contains a content of around 7000 movie titles, tv shows and videos all together. Again Unlim Video is totally free of cost for its users.

4. Movie Land Cydia App

Movie Land actually allows you to watch unlimited movies but with a price to pay. Of course, you have to pay for every movie you watch separately, although don’t worry; the prices are affordable. You just need to create an account with Movie Land Cydia application and then you watch downloaded movies anywhere and anytime you want. An amazing app to use on your smartphone.

5. Bigu Movie Cydia App

Bigu Movie app is yet another movie streaming application that allows you to watch HD quality movies at a limited cost to pay. It provides you a huge movie library that can be explored anywhere and anytime you like. It is updated regularly. The best part about this application is that it can display movies on tv with its new built-in TV-OUT feature. The minimum subscription per month is $7.99.


These Cydia movie apps are quite amazing at their work. You all can take your pick from among these top 5 applications. These apps will entertain you to your heart's content on all your devices. You all should try them once!

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