New Hot Android Games for 2016

Hot Android Games 2016
Android has brought a dramatic change to the tech-world. Google just turned things around by introducing amazing GUI, media experience and above all, a whole new mobile phone experience. Android games have also shifted the gear in 2016. A lot of new games was introduced to the platform by several game legends as well as newbies.  Most of them were big hits and some of them are still running on those smartphones. Interesting thing is that high-end graphic games didn’t satisfy the users as expected. But Games with a simple interface and low details and comparatively small theme impressed everyone more than expected. Today let us see 5 such games which still are fan favorite.

1) Mini Militia

As a gamer, everyone must be familiar with the Counterstrike, the multiplayer shooting game we all used to play, especially during the exam time. Well, someone got the better of it and introduced a mobile alternative for it. The Mini Militia is a game that promises high-level shooting experience in your handset with low-level hardware specifications. The Game a use a 2D interface with a plane perspective view to present 6 players online and local multiplayer shooting experience by Wi-Fi connectivity. There are an offline Training and Survival mode in which you can train and try your new skills. Users can create their own custom avatars with the available kits. Apart from shooting, gamers can use hand grenades as well as their hands to eliminate enemies. The main feature that differentiates mini militia from other shooting game is that it provides a nitro booster that allows players to fly in the air and have a bullet shower in the air.
Mini Militia
The game provides different maps to play on, each with particular features and unique properties. The game was accepted by the public within a quick period of time and now itself it is being played by groups of young boys and girls as well as adults.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia | Google Play | Free

2) Clash of Clans 

Clash of Clans already hit hard into the market in the earlier months of this year and it is still consuming internal space of several smartphones. The game is not acceptable for everyone and also not in a first look. But it will conquer your mind gradually and when it gets a grip, it will never let you get bored. IT is a 2D strategy game that lets you build your own kingdom with several features like Gold and Elixir mines, defense mechanisms as well as attacking utilities and so on. The game consists of two phases, defending their own kingdom and conquering other’s kingdom. Defending one’s kingdom requires hours of planning to include walls, cannons, bombs and more to kill those attackers. Attacking and conquering another kingdom also requires planning of equal importance. Creating and training army troops to make them powerful enough to execute attacks is the main job of the gamer as an attacker.
Clash of Clans
Users can unlock several high-grade warriors who got great powers by upgrading barracks. This is done through the 4 tier troop system. And mainly, beware of those little green colored goblins that come to loot your gold and elixir. Given below are the key features of the game.
● Build Your Village
● Single-Player Warfare
● Intense PvP
● Various Units
● Tactical Deployment

Clash of Clans | Google Play | Free

3) Pokémon Go

As a child, the main dream of most of us was having a Pikachu on our shoulder just like Ash. Everyone knows Ash, that boy with a cool hat, traveling around the world winning poke battles with his best friends Mia and Broke. Recently, Niantic introduced a smartphone game for those who want to live their childhood dream as a Pokémon trainer. The Pokémon go is viral on the internet now as it gives a real life experience of Poke-mania by the whole new augmented reality feature. Users can wander around to capture Pokémon’s, have battles with other trainers and attend Pokémon contests just as if in a Pokémon cartoon. In short, you can live your life as your childhood heroes.
The game requires a full-time internet connection and GPS capability. Pokémon’s might appear anywhere in the earth and can only see through the game screen. Users can also access Pokeshops to get Pokémon accessories for free as well as paid.
Pokémon Go
Pokémon GO | Google Play | Free

4) Dream League Soccer 2016

FIFA is the only name comes to our mind when it comes to a football game. But when it comes to smartphones, FIFA failed to provide that amazing gaming experience which was available with PC. But the new Dream League Soccer gives us a whole new smartphone soccer experience. The game provides similar controllers just like in FIFA but provides a smooth interface. Users can customize the control scheme as their comfort. Almost all features available in any soccer game are available in Dream League Soccer, but the advantage is the game is more smartphone friendly than others. Real life soccer experience is provided by letting players customize players, use custom statics, create custom teams and tournaments and much more. The main feature of the game is that it got comparatively high-end graphics with real life faces and action of players. The game uses real names and appearances of the football world to provide a smart gaming experience.
Dream League Soccer 2016
Special keys are dedicated to doing those mind blowing skills on the field. Users can improve their talent by playing the practice mode. They can also connect with their friends to play multiplayer games.  

Dream League Soccer 2016 | Google Play | Free

5) Casino Saga: Best Casino Games

Let us talk about Casino. Well, this is not a single game. This is a collection of games. The Casino Saga packs several casino games such as Macau slot games, old Vegas classic, Blackjack 21 online, Roulette free, Crapss free, Sic Bo, Baccarat, Texas Hold’em Poker and so on. In short, the game works as a casino slot machine valley. Users can literally walk around the casino valley to try each board and casino games to try their lucks as well mathematic calculation abilities. The only difference is, all these things happen inside your smartphone. The game provides several daily, weekly and monthly bonuses as well as several undeniable offers. One of the main advantages of this game is, users doesn’t have to open each game apps to try their luck. Instead, the whole package is included in a single virtual casino world. Are you excited? Want to try more such a games? You can also play the best casino games at
A real casino world experience is set up inside the app to provide the users with popular machine scenes like PCH, Wizard, China Town, Pirate etc. The game pack includes Texas Hold'em Poker: cash game, Sit n Go, MTT Tournaments as well as several free slot machine tournaments daily. Users can slip into the world of lucky money anytime, anywhere and from any device.
Casino Saga: Best Casino Games
Key features:
● High-end graphics and high-quality sound
● Three ways to play casino games
● Daily and hourly free chips at quick hits and payouts
● Regular addition of new slot machines
● Popular real life slot machines
● Play multiplayer games with friends
● Daily, monthly and weekly leader board
● Social network credit bonuses (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+)
● Instant accessibility 
Casino Saga: Best Casino Games | Google Play | Free