Take great selfies with the Rock Bluetooth Selfie Stick Buy Only at $15.59

Selfie sticks or monopods are helps to take better photographs by holding your smartphone at a distance from your hand and those shots deliver with highly visible backgrounds. By using selfie sticks you can take group selfies as well self shots within a big canvas. Now you may think all selfie sticks are same in all aspects, Rock Bluetooth Selfie Stick stands out for a few different reasons.
Ok, let me come to the point, Here i'm introducing a Rock Bluetooth Selfie Stick which is a really nice product available in the market wih amazing price and features, it will only cost you $15.59
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Rock Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Main Features and Functions of Rock Bluetooth Selfie Stick

 Bluetooth 3.0 remote control
Rock Bluetooth Selfie Stick Comes with the Bluetooth 3.0 support remote control which allowing you to fire 
camera remotely. 
Rock Bluetooth Selfie Stick

✔ Extendable
This selfie stick contain 21cm - 90cm aluminium alloy rotary stick provide best extending lenth.
Rock Bluetooth Selfie Stick
✔ Compatible with iOS and android camera apps
Support the main facial beauty APPs such as BeautyCam
Rock Bluetooth Selfie Stick
✔ Adjustable to any angle
You can position and lock into different angles, making it best for shooting at just the right angle.
Rock Bluetooth Selfie Stick
More Features
There are many other features available with this monopod are listed below
✔ Bluetooth connection distance upto 10 meters
✔ Detachable remote control shutter, can be used on the stick or be detached to use
✔ Phone holder spread limits: 5.4 - 9 cm
✔ Shoot videos and take photos
✔ Image stabilization
✔ Portable and can carry in pocket
✔ A lanyard as a safeguard for your phone
✔ Foam handdle make it more comfortable to grip
✔ Can switch between the front-facing and back-facing cameras
✔ Zoom in / zoom out function

Compatible phone models: HTC 8X, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Note 5, iPhone 6, Xperia Z3
Compatible System Version: iOS 4, Android 4.1, Android 2.0, Android 4.2, Android 3.0, iOS 7, Android 4.4, Android 3.1, iOS 6, Android 3.2, iOS 5, iOS 8, Android 4.0

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Overall this device is pretty simple and unique design, most of the available selfie sticks are replica of each other but this one keep its uniqueness with designs and features. If you need a simple, streamlined stick, this is a good choice for you.