Champ Cash: Get $1 Signup Bonus and Unlimited Money On Referrals (New)

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ChampCash is the biggest network for earning unlimited real money or free recharge using your mobile phone. In this blog I have already featured many real money earning apps, but this app is far different from all other apps, you can earn unlimited money just installing 7-9 apps (you will earn 1$ after completing this step and enter referral code 147846 install ChampCash ), after that you will get a referral code and dashboard ( this is the important part of this app ).
     Invite your friends using this code and you will receive 50% earning of that friend and you can also earn 10% of earning from his friend circle, in this way your chance of earning dollars/free recharge is unlimited.
Note: Please read whole article for better understanding.
Champ Cash

How to Join Champ Cash and Earn Unlimited Real Cash/Free Recharge

Follow these steps:
 Download Champ Cash app from [Playstore Click Here]
 Open the app and click sign up with ChampCash app
 Fill up the registration form and click proceed (No verification required for email or mobile     number)
 Now it will ask for referral id, Enter 147846 ( if you are ignore this code ,you will not get $1 sign up bonus and other benefits, You cant access the app without this referral code) and click submit.
 After successful registration you need to complete challenges inorder to unlock your referral code and dashboard. Challenge is simple, Install given list of apps from the ChampCash (Install 7-9 apps and open after installing)
Trick: Install [Whaff Rewards] app on your device and you will also get .05$-.1$ by downloading these 7-10 apps from Champ Cash (10x.1= 1$)
 After installing 7-9 apps you will get a pop up message "Great ! You are now eligible to earn unlimited with us by using our MLM platform", Click start button and now you will get your referral code and dashboard.
Quick Tip: To get your referral link and earn real cash you need to complete challenge.
 Now navigate to Invite and Earn tab and choose a best message to invite your friends through facebook,whatsapp,SMS etc..
 If any of your friend download the app through your referral link and complete the challenge, you will start to receive money in your champcash wallet 
( Now you can earn money from referrals of your friends and their friends upto 7 levels, Refer more win big ;))
 After earning money you are ready to redeem it through bank account,paypal,gift cards and mobile recharge. For this click left corner of the app and press redeem button and click any choice of redemption from the list.
✔ Earn Upto ₹600 Mobile Recharge/Real Money Daily from Task Bucks
Champ Cash

ChampCash Benefits

 100% free, Nothing to invest, Install>> Refer>> Earn dolllors
 Chance to earn millions
 Minimum mobile top-up amount is 10Rs
 Any country mobile recharge is possible
 Flipkart giftcard minimum 500Rs
 Paypal redemption minimum $10
 Bank transfer minimum $50 ( You can earn this within 1-2 days easily if you have good referrals)
Champ Cash
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Get free Instant 50Rs Mobile Recharge from Alive App

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This is the best opportunity for free recharge seekers to get instant 50Rs recharge without doing complicated tasks. You only need to install "Alive app" from playstore and login with facebook. Now you will receive a Paytm voucher code worth 50Rs, you can redeem this amount through Paytm recharge.
For more details follow these steps:
About Alive App:- Visual Search for products, images and discover similar items and buy.
- Create and print your augmented photo albums using AlivePIX.
- Scan QR Codes or Alive enabled images to immerse yourself in a whole new world of Augmented 

How to get 50Rs Paytm voucher Code from "Alive App"

1. Click here to install this app for android, (iOS users can also avail this free recharge offer CLICK HERE)
2. Open the app and sign up through your facebook account

Get free Instant 50Rs Mobile Recharge from Alive App

3. Fill out the registration form
4. Navigate Menu-->> My Rewards (From the window you will get your free 50Rs Paytm voucher)
5. Copy this code and open Paytm app

How to redeem 50Rs Paytm voucher for mobile top-up

Don't have Paytm App?? Click here to Download
1. Open Paytm app and login to your account
Get free Instant 50Rs Mobile Recharge from Alive App
2. Click on recharge tab and enter mobile number,operator and amount (50Rs)
3. Proceed to recharge and paste the copied voucher code from Alive App in "enter promotional code" box
4. Click Proceed to pay. Done!! You will receive Topup success message in your inbox.

-- One coupon can be used for one Paytm account
-- Only one coupon can be get from one device
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Mobile Money App:Best Alternative for mCent

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Today I'm really excited to introduce a new free recharge earning app called "Mobile Money". In TechnoDrips already featured best free mobile recharge earning  app mCent,it is very trending nowadays (I'm one of the biggest fan of this app and we had perfect bond of about 2 years, you can also check my payment proof with mCent). Now i found an app called "Mobile Money" which pays somewhat higher than mCent, so i decided to list Mobile Money app as the best alternative for mCent.
Click Here to Install "Mobile Money" App
They pay very higher amount of money for each task we complete, it varies from 5-40 and the best part is Mobile Money app have much more tasks than mCent as well as most of them are average paying range (15-40). This app also has the facility to refer and earn (If your referred friend is not tried an app from Mobile money task list, still you can earn rferral money, if your friend tries an app you will get extra bonus).
I can sure this app is not that much familiar with people around you, So you can earn unlimited amount of money by rferring your friends, family etc..

Follow the Steps to Install this App

1. Click Here to Install "Mobile Money" app and get 25 sign up bonus.
2. Open the app and complete the registration procedure.

Mobile Money App:Best Alternative for mCentMobile Money App:Best Alternative for mCentMobile Money App:Best Alternative for mCent

3. Now you will see number of app tasks to complete, Try all tasks and you will get free recharge credits in your wallet.
4. Click top right side "+" button for recharge to any mobile number you enter.
4. Click "invite" link to invite your friends through Facebook/WhatsApp and other options (invite friends and get instant credits+bonus for each friend who join)
Enjoy!! Refer More  Earn Unlimited mobile recharge!!!
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2. Earn Upto ₹600 Mobile Recharge/Real Money Daily from Task Bucks
3. Mcent : Earn Free Recharges for Downloading Apps from Playstore
4. Top 10 Verified Money Earning Apps 2015
5. Amulyam: Get free Mobile Recharge for Downloading Android Apps

Snapdeal AppShare Offer:Rs 50 SD Cash + Rs 50 per Refer

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Free recharge earning apps and real money earning apps are familiar nowadays, I'm already listed most of the trusted and high paying apps in this blog.
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Here I'm introducing a special way to earn cash and purchase products through online with it! Yes, you can earn unlimited and purchase anything for free from one of the biggest online shopping destination "Snapdeal". Snapdeal is introducing this offer for targeting mobile app users and maximise the profit. By using this referral program, you can earn unlimited Snapdeal cash and later you can redeem these cash for purchasing any products from Snapdeal like mobile phone,pendrive,camera,TV etc..
For example, if you are inviting 10 friends using your referral code you will earn 10X50=500Rs , using this amount you can purchase anything from Snapdeal, you will get that much of discount for any product you buy. Your friend joins with your referral code will get 50Rs so that he will definitely enter your referral code while joining (then only he will get 50Rs)

Follow The Instructions and Earn More

1. If you already installed Snapdeal app, then uninstall it. (Only then you are eligible for 50Rs starting bonus)
2. Now Click this link to install the latest version of snapdeal app, Open the app and Enter referral code RUrr797523 to get instant 50 Rs in wallet.
3. Now enter your mobile number and click Continue (make sure mobile number is not registered with snapdeal previously)
4. Navigate to "Share and Earn" from left sidebar

5. Now share your referral code through facebook,whatsapp,sms etc.. from the "choose your option to invite" area.
6. You will earn 50Rs SD cash for each successfull invites,at the same time your friend also benefited with 50Rs bonus, so your friend will be happy to enter your code :)

The 5 Most Addictive Android Games

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If you’re a notorious procrastinator or an infamous couch potato, hit back immediately—this article won’t be doing you any favors. If you have a guilty pleasure for hopelessly addictive smartphone games, read on my friend—we’re not telling anyone.
Kick your feet up, take a long lunch, and set your phone to silent; it’s time to check out the five most addictive Android games.

The 5 Most Addictive Android Games

#1 – Candy Crush Soda Saga

The 5 Most Addictive Android Games
This game changed the face of mobile gaming when it made the leap from a Facebook time-killer to mobile gaming addiction. There hasn’t been a game yet to top the wild success of King’s Candy Crush, until now.
Following on the tails of the original’s success, Candy Crush Soda Saga has the same basic gameplay of the prior version, with new sweets and treats. The game starts off with purple soda bottles, and builds from there into gummy bears, frosting, and more. The sticky sweet gameplay is full of the same great spell-binding combinations, and the almighty candy hammer to bust out pesky un-matchables.

#2 – Ridiculous Fishing

The 5 Most Addictive Android Games

If you’ve never played this game, prepare yourself—it truly is ridiculous. You star as Billy the fisherman, on a boat, ready to cast your line. It’s all pretty standard procedure, until you hook your first fish. Once you get one, your line automatically begins to reel in, and the fish is flung out of the water. Naturally, your task it to shoot the holy hell out of it before it can fall back into the water to safety. Naturally.
As you light up the sky and your fish, guts and money rain down on you. Bigger, rarer fish mean bigger bucks, which you can use to buy Billy new hats (which has no effect on gameplay whatsoever). You can get a drill to put on your line to blast through obstacles to go deeper and get to the better fish, and just generally have a ridiculous time as you blast fish apart for profits.

#3 – Clash of Clans

The 5 Most Addictive Android Games

Build your own empire, and then quickly destroy someone else’s in this freemium battle strategy game. Clash of Clans has a massive world for gameplay, allowing you to build an entire village, complete with a town hall and an army camp. The game requires plenty of thought and strategizing, so it’s great for people looking for something more out of mobile gaming.
As you engage in new battles, you have to continue to build on your battle strategy to overcome new challenges and weaponry. Clash of Clans is definitely addictive, but it’s also a game that requires some brain power to get through.

#4 – Crossy Road

The 5 Most Addictive Android Games

Remember Frogger? Well, Crossy Road has much the same gameplay. This game takes on the question of why the chicken crossed the road. The answer?  Because it’s just so much fun dodging cars and trains. In this adorably cubic game, users think on their feet to get their character safely across an endless stream of traffic.
You can purchase different characters for a little extra cash, and even record a segment of your gameplay to share with friends. The game is simple, no doubt, but highly addictive, and easy to hop in and out of while you’re procrastinating at work.

#5 – Fruit Ninja

The 5 Most Addictive Android Games

What’s more fun than slashing away at a bunch of fruit getting thrown at you?  In this simple game, ninjas face off with their sworn enemies: vitamin rich produce. Using your finger, you swipe and slash at fruit, earning combos and extra points for getting more than one in a swipe. The controls are amazingly accurate, and for 99 cents, it’s worth every penny of time-killing pleasure.
Some of the most basic games have a way of being the most impossible to put down. If some of these seem almost childish to you, lighten up and try them anyway. With crystal clear graphics, incredibly precise gameplay, and fluid movement, Android brings addictive gaming to a whole new level.
Quick Tip:  To protect your device and your personal information while downloading these games and even while playing them (especially if you are using public Wi-Fi), then download a VPN to your phone first. VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) encrypt your connection, thereby keeping you safe from malware, hackers, and other public or unsecured Wi-Fi dangers. This way you can enjoy your gaming with real peace of mind.