Contest: Free Lifetime Outgoing Calls from Earn Talktime App

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I'm already discussed many mobile Top-Up earning apps as well as real money earning apps in my previous blog posts. Now one of the app from the list named “Earn Talktime” is running a contest which giving away 500 users lifetime outgoing calls for free, that is one winner will get Rs 24,000/- in his/her wallet, which you can redeem to prepaid/postpaid mobile bills and DTH recharges. Referral earning from this app is big as compared to other money earning apps, Earn Talktime offers Rs130/- for each friends you invite and join with this app.
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Free Lifetime Outgoing CallsFree Lifetime Outgoing Calls

Contest Rules

First 500 users will get lifetime outgoing calls which worth Rs 24,00/-
1. Invite 5 or more users to earn talktime from 31-july-15 to 18-september-15
2. You need to invite at least 5 users with your referral link  and they must download atleast 1 App from earn talktime  which give them credits.
3. Offer is over and above benefits as per invite offer
4. Winners will be announced on 19-sep-15 on earn talktime app and on
More invites, higher chances.
Hurry!! Download EARN TALKTIME APP and win Huge!!

Mobile Payment Trends For 2015

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In 2015 mobile payments are very likely to go mainstream. Through Apple pay and Google wallet you can use your phone to make transactions almost anywhere from your local neighborhood store to renowned retail chains.
Mobile Payment Trends For 2015

1. Mobile payments may start functioning on a global level

Today every app is recreated 20 times in different languages to facilitate people from different countries. With mobile payments going mainstream there is a possibility that app developers will develop apps that will help tourists in a foreign country to make payments without having to go to banks to exchange currencies.

2. Mobile payment companies will work hard to make the payment process secure

The biggest hold up in making mobile payments commonly accepted is the fact that people are scared they won’t be safe. With new technologies come new fears and incidents like those at Target have made people less inclined to share their bank account information. Due to this reason companies will work very hard to gain people’s confidence so that mobile payments can become widely accepted among people. And the company that best executes this plan is bound to gain the most profit.

3. Consumer adaption to mobile payments will increase

Due to successful validation of Starbucks mobile payments it is very likely that mobile payments will go mainstream this year. Starbucks’ products are very commonly and widely consumed. So introducing mobile payments at Starbucks is a very good strategy to familiarize people with how mobile payment technology works. Let’s face it people always go for the things that provide them with the most convenience and making payments through your smart phone is way convenient than pulling out your credit card and taking your wallet to every other place you go. As more and more people get used to making mobile transactions the better it is for the companies that provide this service.

4. Customers will have all the powe

Mobile Payment Trends For 2015

Once people become used to these new payment methods it would inevitably give the power to consumers. This would mean that they would get to choose the way they want to make payments. And if merchants want their business to flourish they’ll have to let the consumers decide their payment methods instead of making this choice for them.

5. Concept of mobile wallet will prevail 

Mobile wallet technology has been extensively discussed throughout the years but 2015 may be the year it finally becomes widely accepted. The concept has become popular due to services like Apple pay and Google wallet. The big credit card companies have gone on board with the idea of enabling their consumers to be able to use this service. Whereas the big telecommunication companies have started making NFC enabled phones for this purpose. Retailers are also delighted to add value to their consumers’ shopping experience with the mobile wallet technology as not only you can make payments through your phone but gift cards and receipts can also be added on your phone. All in all if people didn’t have security concerns mobile payments would’ve become mainstream a long time ago.
Author’s Bio:
This article was written by Syed Irfan Ajmal. He is a serial entrepreneur, a columnist and a certified inbound marketer.

Top 10 Verified Money Earning Apps 2015

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Top 10 Verified Money Earning Apps 2015
Money earning apps are very familiar nowadays and lots of apps are emerging in Playstore, you must be aware of those apps which is legit or frauds, Don't give your efforts go in vain. So here I'm making a list of active or legit apps which can give you real money or mobile topups right away!
I already introduced many money earning apps in this blog and i always update those posts depending on the current status of most of them, because i dint want to disappoint my readers by trying the expired apps.These are the list of apps that you can trust 100% (All apps are tested by me and no pending payments yet)
Champ Cash: Get $1 Signup Bonus And Unlimited Money On Referrals (New)
 Earn Upto ₹600 Mobile Recharge/Real Money Daily from Task Bucks
 Mobile Money App:Best Alternative For MCent

For easy to understand classifying  these apps into two,

Verified "Real Money" Earning Apps

1. WHAFF Rewards

WHAFF Rewards
This money earning app is the first choice of mine, i already received 5 payouts from this app through paypal (From Paypal it will automatically redeem to your linked bank account).
So im recommending here to try this app as your first choice.
Enter Invite code as BC66956 and you will get .30$ as signup bonus. If you ignore this code your balance will show 0.00$ at the starting 
-- Earn real money which can redeem to your bank account
-- Ref feral earning is more as compared to any other apps (both you and your friend will get .30$ entering invite code)
-- Payout will process very quickly (within 1-2 days)
-- Paypal payout is available
-- Keep the apps on your device for extra Rewards
-- Daily login bonus
-- No mobile top-up option
-- Minimum payout is $10.50

2. Tapporo (Make Money)

I already featured about this app in my old article and one of the best and stable app which I'm using for the last 8 months. Simple to use and request for payout is very easy. Use Technodrips referral code TAPBZ417582 and get .25$ as bonus
-- Minimum Payout is $5
-- Invite friends and both of you will get .25$ as referral bonus
-- Daily new offers are available
-- Paypal payout is available
-- No mobile top-up option

3. Tap Cash Rewards - Make Money

Tap Cash Rewards - Make Money
This money earning app is getting popular nowadays and pay better amount on task you completes. Use invitation code 7662517 on signup and get .1$ instantly to your account.
-- Simple and easy to use interface
-- Surveys and watch a video offers
-- More number of tasks available daily
-- More bonus credits
-- Daily login bonus
-- Minimum payout is $3
-- No mobile top-up option

4. Wild Wallet: Make Money Online

Wild Wallet: Make Money Online
This app is one of the newest money earning app in playstore which is legit and paying perfectly. Get .20$ for signup to wild wallet using this code 1724005 on settings tab.
-- Minimum Payout: $1
-- For every friend you refer, both will get 200 –°redits which is equal to .20$
-- Quick payout process
-- More source to earn credits
-- Paypal payout is available
-- Daily bonus on visiting app
-- No mobile Top-Up option

5. Cash Yourself

Cash Yourself
Cash Yourself offers you the best chance to earn money in the form of PayPal, Amazon or Google Play Gift-Cards with your smartphone. Earn big in lesser time! Use this Referral code 98ab185ac58825 on signup page and get signup bonus.
-- Minimum payout is $1
-- You will  get 10% revenue from each person you invited through your coupon code
-- New offers daily
-- Daily signup bonus for extra income
-- App of the day offers
-- Video offers
-- No mobile top-up option

Verified "Free Mobile Topup" Earning Apps

1. mCent

mCent is the best and number one free mobile Top-Up app available in the playstore, referral bonus is very high as compared to any other money earning apps,  also the earning per task is more. I'm using this app more than 17 months.
For more info please read this article: Mcent : Earn Free Recharges For Downloading Apps From Playstore
-- More than 2 years in market
-- Most trusted and only ₹10/- minimum payout
-- Higher referral bonus upto ₹300/-
-- You can gift your talktime to your loved ones
-- Recharge request process within 1 minute
-- Install apps and earn more recharge credits
-- No payments through paypal or bank account

2. Ultimate FreeB - Free Recharge

Ultimate FreeB - Free Recharge
More than 1 million downloads in playstore within few time. Earn and pay for your mobile recharges and DTH while you also get wonderful deals from all Major Brands and content of your choice!!
-- Earn ₹30 for referring your friend to use this app
-- Just click to earn money ( earn upto ₹2 per click)
-- More verities of offers
-- Mobile top-up, DTH payment, postpaid bill payment options
-- Instant Top-Up is available
-- No payments through paypal or bank account
-- Referral bonus is less compared to mCent

3. Earn Talktime

Earn Talktime

Earn talktime makes it easy to earn money by downloading the best free android apps and by filling out short surveys etc. this app also the newbie in Playsore.
-- Mobile top-up, DTH payment, postpaid bill payment options
-- Get ₹130/- each friend you refer
-- Try any app listed in earn talktime app and chance to win ₹1000/-
-- More offers
--Easy and quick to recharge your mobile
-- No payments through paypal or bank account

4. Amulyam


Amulyam is one of the trusted free mobile recharge earning app since 2010, they are already paid 1.7+ crore to their users. You can recharge any of your mobile number.
For more info please go through this link: Amulyam: Get Free Mobile Recharge For Downloading Android Apps
-- More number offers
-- Every day bonus
--Recharge to any number
-- Minimum Top-Up amount is ₹10
-- No payments through paypal or bank account
-- Lesser referral bonus
-- Pay per install is less

5. Mojoapp


One of the latest release of free recharge earning app which pays high and almost equal to mCent app. If you want to say goodbye to daily paid mobile recharge give it a try!
-- More number of tasks daily
-- Only ₹10/- minimum payout
-- Higher referral bonus and earn unlimited
-- Quick recharge on request
-- No payments through paypal or bank account


Use these apps and make your mobile phone as income generating machine!!! no restrictions to run all these apps in single mobile phone. All apps reviewed here is genuine and tested, If there any negative response from the above mentioned apps i will update ASAP.
Don't hesitate to ask questions!

List of Sources in which Viruses can Attach Themselves to and Attack your Computer when Downloaded

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The Internet is indeed an excellent source for almost anything. You can download and purchase songs, movies, and other random videos you wish to watch during your most idle times. Also, you can also freely communicate with your peers and family members via different forms of social networking sites and even through emails. Indeed, the Internet is a place where we can get all of our digital needs.
However, the Internet can also be the source of your computer’s downfall, as the Internet can also be the gateway for viruses to attack and invade your device. Virus attacks can happen at any time and when you least expect it. Also, the type of virus that invades your computer can vary and can have different effects on your computer; it could be a Trojan or a recycler virus.
Now, the only concern here now is how the virus entered your device in the first place. Here is a list of the most common source of virus attacks:

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Downloadable Programs

List of Sources in which Viruses can Attach Themselves to and Attack your Computer when Downloaded
Downloadable programs from the Internet are one of the possible sources of virus attacks. Also, this is also the most common cause of welcoming viruses into your device. They can come from unreliable websites and Internet newsgroups.
Any executable files downloaded from the net is the primary source of viruses entering your devices. Files having the extension of “.com” and “.exe” are the known couriers of different types of viruses. If you wish to download these kinds of files from the Internet, make sure you are downloading from a reliable website. Also, do a thorough scan of the file first before initializing the installation process.

Cracked Software

List of Sources in which Viruses can Attach Themselves to and Attack your Computer when Downloaded
Installing an illegal version of any programs proves to be another source of virus attacks. Most Internet users want to use a particular software program without having to spend for the product, resulting other users to upload their cracked version of those products. These programs can also contain bugs that are challenging to find and hard to remove. Therefore, it is advisable to download programs that require you to pay and also from legitimate websites.

Email Attachments

List of Sources in which Viruses can Attach Themselves to and Attack your Computer when Downloaded
The most popular source for virus attacks is email attachments. When handling and opening any received emails, you should be careful in handling them, especially if that email comes from an anonymous source. The right solution to this problem is installing an anti-virus software that assumes the prime role of eliminating an inevitable virus attack.
It is crucial to scan the email first before opening it, even though that email may come from your peers. You may never know, maybe they sent you an attachment that may contain viruses.

The Internet

List of Sources in which Viruses can Attach Themselves to and Attack your Computer when Downloaded
Of course, there is no denying the fact that the Internet is the most common source of virus infection. Even if you would try to stop accessing the Internet now for the rest of your lives, your computer is still prone to welcome an unexpected virus attack in your system. Every click and downloads you do can invite an inevitable virus attack that can bound to happen at any time. Therefore, it is crucial that you consider the site you are visiting online, make sure that the site is legitimate and reliable.

Besides from the sources mentioned above for virus attacks, file sharing websites can also be considered to be sources of viruses to attack your device. It is better that you delete the downloaded files from these sites to eliminate the possibility of a virus attack.
Your computer is the biggest investment you made, therefore taking good care of your device should be the top most priority of your to-do-list. One way of doing so is to surf the Internet and download properly only from reliable websites. Do so and you will decrease the chance of viruses attacking your device.

Author Bio:
Patrick is currently a teacher, a Science teacher to be exact, as well as a writer. At his spare time he’s in front of his computer playing his favourite online games.  He previously worked for several companies as a part of technical support team. He’s currently writing for Stemp Systems whose sole purpose is to provide IT support services in New York City.