What does the blue tick on WhatsApp mean?

What does the blue tick on WhatsApp mean?

The time when people used to check on other’s  last seen has been outdated by the new tick feature introduced by Whatsapp last week.
The latest feature has created problems among people who used to make excuses of not  reading the messages even though they did.
At earlier time, people were confused about the double tick that whether it denotes the message read by the recipient or else merely received by their mobile phone.
But this new feature has changed all the misconcept regarding the same as Whatsapp has updated its protocol with a double blue tick mark  in private message, to indicate the message has been read.

The latest feature is as follows:

#1 A single gray tick denotes  that the message has been successfully sent.
#2 Two gray ticks represent that the message has been delivered to their phone.
#3 Once the ticks turn blue mean that  the receiver has read your message.

This was one of the most awaited feature by more than half the users for long.
This feature doesn’t need to get updated  by  iOS and Android users. As it is being rolled out “OVER THE AIR” , most users have to still wait to see the blue ticks .

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We all recognize that, WhatsApp which was established in 2009 and  owned by  Facebook, posses an estimated 600M monthly active users and is one of the best social messaging mobile apps.
Hence the introduction of new feature has really changed the present situation of chats, as people have become more conscious while messaging.