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Top 5 VPN Services You Should Know About

Along with time, people are concerned about having good privacy on everything and they work over into something that keeps their matters private and secure.
For example, all of us know that, the use of mobile phones has become an inevitable part of each and every single human being. If a person is free of any work, you will be able to see the person holding mobile phones and in case if you have to check videos or picture in their device, you just have to ask them the secure code or better. hence things are all private, even among siblings. so privacy plays the most important role now-a-days.

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When a person is about to use virtual private network VPN, i.e, a private network, which can access public network, they check into one, which is more safe and encrypted.
The time when you have to purchase something, there comes choices, making us confused to select one. similarly, there are certain choices of vpn which you can check  and compare into before you buy.
If you are looking into a sort of vpn which helps you to browse the web, share files.. Etc... privately, here are some VPN providers which I would suggest out.

#1. PureVPN


If you are in need of a vpn which  Supports L2TP/IPsec ,OpenVPN, SSTP and PPTP protocols,pure vpn is one of  the best choice for you.
In addition to this, it also supports IKEvs2 protocol for BlackBerry
This vpn is available at a rate of only $10.00/month and  $50/year., which is an affordable and reliable amount, with a package of services.
For premium subscribers, there is no limitation of bandwidth, though the server available in many countries.The speed of pure vpn is in the range of 4 Mbps to 21 Mbps range.
The best characteristic of pure vpn is that, it erases the information for every 5 days.

#2. Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel bar is that vpn which is available in multiples devices.Even though having the price of vpn from free of cost to  $5/month and $50/year ,its speed performance,which is in the range of 6Mbps to 9 Mbps,forces people to choose this ,as its available in such a good price. It supports PPTP. Servers are located in UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, and the USA.
Tunnelbear is an excellent  vpn which serves multiple features,
- Both free and paid users are catered with a policy of non –logging in order to counteract their belief that logging is an evil affair.
- Like their name suggest, this vpn are developed in such a way, making the users easy to install and use their vpn software, employed  with cute bear decorated  automatic settings and simple interfaces.
Along with this, it offers certain tech features such as vigilance, maul trackers and intellibear.
Vigilant is something that keeps your things safe from small exposure when there happens a drop In your VPN or wifi connection while maul trackers restrict the known trackers from viewing your signal anytime.intellibear is something which keeps your things private by making you choose privacy for certain websites by use of VPN while you browse other sites  with no VPN.

#3. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

If you are a torrent Downloader, private internet access is the most recommended one.
This VPN doesn’t even keep logs of your activity and  is one of the most secure VPN.
The best feature of PIA is that, authorities are not capable to match individual file transfer as more than one user  is being attributed to the same IP address, while they log into private internet access.
PIA supports mainly SSL, PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP protocols.It is available at a cheaper rate than pure VPN with only $7.00/month and $40/year, which proves to be the best priced VPN among the list.
The PIA makes it possible to get relieved  for the users of their  characteristic of auto disconnection when the VPN connection goes offline proving it to be best and fast vpn service.

#4. Witopia


Witopia is one among the best list of vpn which have similar as that of pure VPN with relatively low cost of: $6/ month and $50/year.
Having a speed in  the range of 2 Mbps to 9 Mbps, it supports mainly OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP.
Witopia clears out logs with a week and hence are safe to users.When you sign up, only the payment details and registration information is saved by them.
You are able to purchase a VPN router, which you can carry along places you run is one of the best feature. Also witropia promises their users by making secured of all their information and so can be established as an excellent alternative.

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#5. UnoTelly


With a rate of just $5.00/month,an excellent VPN which are specialised in providing its users with, Netflix USA, Hulu, and Spotify,i.e, geographically-locked streaming content, is none other than UNOTELLY. If you are not in an intension of file sharing and looking forward for a VPN, for the purpose of media player streaming at reasonable rates and outstanding speed, you are at the right destination.
This VPN service is offered to user mainly as  either UnoDNS or UnoVPN.
The UnoDNS feature  makes it possible for you to have very rapid access for media player and  for PlayStation while you are unlocking the country of your selection.
The UnoVPN feature offers you with trustworthy privacy of cloaking and encryption of  your signal.
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