Top 5 Alternatives To Facebook-New!

The days are gone when people used to spent their time with their families, since there had an origin of certain social networking websites.

Earlier time, internet was a mean for sending mails or checking out certain news or information. But the invent of social networking websites and their mobile apps have completely changed the phase of using internet. Orkut ,which was one of the popular social networking website , had its death call last month as people are behind another SN website FACEBOOK for few years..

Like the  same, there can be time in future soon , that people will get of course bored of  Facebook and other similar social networking website ,as they  are looking forward for something new ,minute after minute.

As per latest survey ,it has been found that people are spending around one-third of their day in these websites and also it has become essential part of their life in case of few .In this generation ,no one is found free that, even if they don’t have anything to do, they will simply get into these. There are certain social networking site which I would like to suggest you to make use off.


As the name suggest Pinterest is such a sort of social networking platform, where we are able to pin something which we find interesting on internet such as photos ,videos ..etc.. Here you are able to save all those that you like, as soon as you find them. Like a notice board ,that we find in colleges separately for certain departments, in Pinterest you can have number of boards with different names on which you can pin out whatever you like ,that come on same categories and can be stored in their respective boards. Morethan that , pinterest provides such a facility to share your board with people who are online and also to follow others board by just clicking out the follow button ,you will be able to get other updates.


Latest  micro blogging space which is more than a social  networking platform,becoming popular these days is Tumblr. For sharing various kind of digital data including photos,music ,videos..etc..tumblr acts as a hotspot on internet.
User’s are able to set their privacy and hence posts are set  visible to private or public as per users choice.In tumblr,people are able to create many blog posts.The best feature about tumblr is that people are able to access to large number of free themes which will beautify the post which you make on your profile,hence giving a high standard quality and making more attractive ones..


Inorder to know about the true meaning of global network,a new social networking experience have been offered by Harnu.
It is designed such a way that people around the world are connected ,which specifies the right word for internet. people are only aware of things, likes ,dislikes , places ,locations ,Everything about the country they live in…so Harnu plays an important role in the lives of those people who love to learn about countries other than their’s, their cultures ,food habits ,certain destination..etc..

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The users of  Harnu are registerd with their country names and when he interacts with another person ,he is able to view their country and both can have chat ,where they are able to share their view and opinions on something of their mutual interest.
This website is obviously gonna prove rocking one, for those who are planning for a visit  out of their own country and looking for people who are ready to guide them the places they are planning to visit you are able to know about exact weather conditions, tourist interest etc, having interaction with people of place you are planning to visit off.
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If you are a book lover,the right place where you have to be is GOODREADS.
People can find and access to all the books in the world of literature .More than that , they can  rate, write reviews about, share their quotes, and last not the least ,best of all, to find a similar a person who loves reading books, as you do. It hence provides its users with a facility to add friends, message, have discussion, list out books, yearly reading challenges, book reviews and etc.
Discussion on wide range of topics that comes under literature are done in discussion board of Goodreads .users are able to compare the book with its movie if released and have discussions and clear doubts. Its actually a world of book readers. Best feature of goodreads is that its users can have a bookshelf as that one at home and  are able to enlist the books he read,reading and wants to read in future. Also they are able share their updates with their friends about the same .


Its being said that there will be 7 people of similar interest and similar in all cases in this whole world. .so here is a social network  which helps you find a people of similar mind.. MEETUP..
 It is a website meant to organise occasions and  meet one another in person at some place of their choice.  People are able to access on the new meetups near their location by searching and are able to join them by planning a place which is reliable for everyone to meet up on their own.
This website aims  to redefine the purpose of social networking ,usually a  conversations with other members will help you make great plans, hence is doing . it helps in interacting with people who are not your present friends and  you can even keep up with the new found friends, days after the meetup.