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Why you need a VPN? Things you Must know About Using VPN Service!

In this present scenario, people are running behind development, so is the need for technology.
Where there is a technology.. there lies the evolution. Hence, People were in need of a reliable, fast and secure connection to share the information from a computer network  to another one, even when they are in remote places. There comes the origin of the VPN.
VPN Security

What is a VPN?

Many of us have only heard about VPN from the computer text book which we studied at schools. Virtual private network, that’s what a VPN stands for.
Like the name suggests VPN is a set of information processing system with private network which is linked over a public network usually internet. It is similar to wide area networks between web sites. If you are tied to a private network, it assists in broadcasting messages to public networks.
The use of vpn is mainly exhibited in business firms. VPN is equally used by company employees and individuals. The users are able to secure their wireless transactions and to connect to proxy servers for protecting their  personal identity and location.
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How VPN Works?

VPN working
Usually when you connect to a vpn, you establish or launch a VPN client on your system, sometimes by clicking a link on a website provided in its name, then  you log in with your credentials and now your computer is ready for exchanging trusted keys with a remotely server. Once both computers have tested each other every bit authentic, all of your internet communication is coded and secured from spying, which is the best VPN characteristic. it can also be applied in countries which restricts using websites.
VPN is something which most of us doesn’t make use of. But, I promise you that some day you will be in need of this for sure, like the following  people are in.


Student or worker
Uses  free VPN provided by school or company.
Can access resources when at home
Able to fire up VPN if they feel they are not sure       about its security in some homes

Only safe sense of protection while using Bit           Torrent
To get escaped from becoming captured by             company while downloading legally or illegally

Privacy minded and security advocates

Helps to keep their information secure and               encrypted and away from eavesdropping.
Use whether at home or abroad.

World traveler

Helps to check out all their favorite shows, live  programs as they as they cannot wait for re-  telecasts.

In most instances, a VPN service can be beneficial  either it's just a matter of protecting yourself when away or when you are handling raw data for your job and don't desire to get burned off.

Things to consider in choosing the best VPN

While picking out a VPN we should fit into certain matters so that it turns out to be a good and the best one. It should offer better features with server location, connectivity protocols, and affordable or reliable price. Some points that you should take into account before selecting a VPN can be pointed out as,


When you are about to choose a vpn, you will come across words  like SSL/TLS, PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, and other VPN types. Out of this, SSL is a commonly adopted one.
For every coin, there are two sides.Like the same, each protocol has its benefits and drawbacks. Most users are not  interested about this while corporate users are all  IPSec or SSL clients.

Corporate and Exit Locations

Service location and exit locations, that you choose, are the main things to be taken into account when you are using a VPN for one or other purpose.
Hence, while shopping a VPN, you should check out that the VPN which you are about to purchase, have servers in multiple location, minimum of location that you are interested in.
If you have to use a VPN outside of your home country, make sure about the availability of server in the country where you would like to make use of it, before you buy.


When you establish a VPN connection, you start providing your information by trusting the VPN providers blindly, as your communications are demonstrated to be procured. Only the operator on another system with same VPN can log in to your date if they necessitate.
Get to know about the provider's logging policies before you  sign up. This also depends on location. When a company doesn’t keep logs, it's not a matter where it is placed

Anti-Malware/Anti-Spyware Features

Making use of  a VPN doesn't mean that you are not struck by the virus. You should be aware when you make a download  and should  make sure that you are using HTTPS whenever necessary and possible. in case of mobile VPN service providers, clients are suggested with anti-malware scanners to make sure you're not downloading viruses or trojans.
While you purchase one, check that  the  providers offer you anti-malware protection when you are plugged in.

Mobile Apps

When you purchase a VPN service provider, make sure that you are able to get a consistent experience across all of your gadgets .Most  providers offer desktop and mobile solutions for individual users. Make sure that ,inorder to secure your phone along with your laptop ,you  don't have to use two different VPNs with two different policies and agreements .


The thing that we check first when we are about to purchase something is Price. No one is ready to simply pay for something than it would actually cost for. All human beings compare prices on similar matters before they buy.
Go into your user agreement, read the privacy policy for the service you are interested in, and be very aware of the differences between free and paid services.
Free VPN Providers are more potential to log your activities and serve contextual ads when you are plugged in. They make use of your usage habits to tailor future ads to you and have  weak commitments to privacy.
Subscription VPN Providers, take your privacy  more seriously, as you pay for the service. It  seems to be unusual for them to show advertisements, although if they log in  or store data about your use.
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VPN diagram
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