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How to download torrents directly and anonymously free


Torrent is one of the most popular file sharing system among the internet users . But one of the most important problems of torrents are they are slow and are not anonymous. So if you are downloading copyrighted content and movies then surely you are in trouble. Inorder to solve the speed problem and anonymity there are many cloud websites which will download torrents anonymously for you and you can download those files from their cloud servers directly with high speed and you can save your anonymity...

Here is a list of some free torrent cloud downloaders which you can try :

One of the most popular torrent cloud downloader which is completely free and fast. It is easy to use and register.
Click Here to register Free

Zbigz is also a free torrent downloader which has a speed limit of 150 KB/s.
Click here to visit Zbigz


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