Truecaller: Get 365 Days of Premium account for Free

[Updated: 28/10/2015]

Truecaller Celebrating 100 million users in india
Last chance to claim your 100 days of free Truecaller Premium for their ‪#‎Century4India‬ celebration!

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Truecaller is the world's largest mobile phone community for mobiles. It can find contact details given name or mobile number, that is you can trace unknown numbers easily by looking for it in the Truecaller search box. It also provide call blocking for scam calls and social media integration for creating your phone contacts up-to-date with pictures. The new feature include with people close to you and you will get contact details near to your fix.
Truecaller is available for: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone.
Today here I'm arriving with an interesting trick for Truecaller users, By using this trick you will receive 365 days of premium service for free. I know you wonder, what is this about premium service? Truecaller is not completely free? Yes, Truecaller is a free service but it fares with some paid features.

Truecaller Premium Features:

-- No Advertisements
-- Get a premium badge
-- See who is viewed your profile
-- Free support

Follow these steps to Get 365 Days premium account for Truecaller

Step1: Download and install Truecaller app.
Step2: Fill the details and Verify your mobile number.
Step3: Enter #ILOVETC in search box and click search.
Step4: Now you will see a search result as 'Promo code' and promoted to 1 year premium account is activated message

Now you can enjoy your 1 year Premium features. Please share if you likes this article and if you have any queries comment us below.


  1. There is no"#ILOVETC"in your network yet

  2. When I search #ILOVETC it says

    There is no"#ILOVETC"in your network yet

  3. Hey goto Here you can pay directly from bank no need to have a google play account or no need to buy from google playstore......Best way ever to buy......

  4. Not working!! After applying #ILOVETC. There is no option of promo code coming!


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