Smart Bag for Your Smart Phone

Use of mobile phone now days is not just limited to communication, now mobiles have become a device which is used for gaming, chatting, searching, suffering, social media and many more. Operating systems like IOS, OS X (RIM), and Windows provide users a platform which can support various apps at a time. You can find millions of apps for your mobile depending on your needs.
There is no need to remember all the contact numbers, you can store lots of messages, can click pictures and also can make videos with highly sophisticated cameras of up to 41MP and with auto focus. Want to improve the camera quality of present mobile phone, no worries you can buy additional lenses. Ultimately your mobile becomes smatter than ever.
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But do you think that’s enough? Lots of facilities, regular use will definitely give less power backup. So now you have to either keep the use limited or have to charge your mobiles all the time. Obviously if you are buying an expensive mobile phone why you will not enjoy the facilities, so mostly people carry two batteries, or keep a charger with them. In both the cases you have to carry something extra, here you have a better alternative i.e. charge your mobile with your bag. Yes its possible, when technology meets innovation with fashion such great things comes into existence.

Above info-graphic created by Secret Vintage Collection is featuring all such smart bags which are capable to charge your mobile anytime anywhere.