5 Most Good Looking Smartphones

We may not wish to take it, but smartphones, mostly show off devices these days. When we are choosing a smartphone almost all of our focus goes into the looks. The features come later. The brand name matters.

It is not all about the looks though. In some instances, there are exceptions. It seems even having a great looking phone like the HTC One M8 in your lineup isn't enough to be profitable as HTC sales are sliding yet again which is a shame.

In this article, we will present five phones that we think are most stylish and well designed. As a disclaimer I would wish to state that we are not comparing features and specs, just the faces. It is very likely that you would buy one of these mobiles over the rest even before reading the article – simple logic: no one cares what inside if the package is pretty.

HTC One M8 

HTC One M7 was a beautiful piece of tech but surprisingly M8 is even better. It holds a 5 inch display that supports 1080p resolution. M8 has an aluminum material body like most premium phones. It seems big, feels great and is softer to maintain. HTC One M8 comes in a color range that is stylish and sophisticated.

Motorola Moto X 

The reason I rate Motorola Moto X so highly is its customizable looks. Motorola offers a service called Moto Making. The service allows users to design their handset. The users are given options to choose from 18 phone back cover shades, seven accent shades and two front shades. You can even opt for a rear panel made up of real wood instead of polycarbonate. If you have a liking for creativity you should get in line and start designing your own perfect handset in the form of Motorola Moto X. It’s not entirely about the body; Motorola has a beautiful 4.7 inch screen which adds to the expressions of the handset.

Apple iPhone 5s

It is hard to make a list without including an iPhone. While the iPhone 5c brought a diversity and vibrancy, iPhone 5s showcases Apple’s traditional class. 5s are available in different shades, gold, silver and gray. Its chassis is made out of aluminum and glass. Even with a relatively smaller screen size, the phone is still a classic.

Nokia Lumia Icon     

When it comes to looks and design, we have to give Lumia series some extra targets for being trendsetters – by bringing in bright colored blankets. The icon does justice to the Lumia legacy. It holds a soft polycarbonate rear casing with a dark outline around the stunning 5 inch display. Its clean design and excellent screen make Lumia Icon a very attractive cell phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a special phone or phablet. It showcases design diversity that was much needed from Samsung. It has leather covering back that allows the user to hold it easily. Note 3 has a small and stylishly designed with rounded edges that add to the elegance. Note 3’s screen is huge and high quality. Looks and performance-wise, Note 3 is a great phone to have and to “show off”.

About Guest Author :
Nuur Hasan is a software engineer at Gloria9 Technologies. He is obsessed with technology, especially smartphones. Nuur is a regular blogger and thinks that sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge can lead to more creativity in the tech field. His other interests include cricket, politics, Doctor Who and reading fiction.