Earn Free Recharge of 111 Rupees from Line Messenger

LINE has 440 million users worldwide and more than 18 million users in India , it is one of the best and popular social messaging app available in Playstore and iTunes gives better experience to users by almost same and more new features given by Wechat and Whatsapp.
NewGet Free 50Rs Recharge From Wechat Official
[Updated: 15th July 2014]
Get 130Rs free recharge from Line click here
[Updated: 25th August 2014-
Now you can get 120Rs from line messenger by sending sticker in groups, create a group with atleast one friend and send stickers daily win 30Rs each 5 days complete ...hurryy!
The new offer from Line Messenger: Now Line users can get upto 130Rs 
For more details read below (Procedure is same as previous 111Rs offer)

Earn Free Recharge of 111 Rupees from Line Messenger

Line is already comes with an offer of 50 rupees free recharge for users sending  Line stickers to atleast 5 friends,  this offer is discussed few months back on technodrips.com . Now Line has again come up with a free talktime promotion offer 111 rupees free recharge for every Indian line users.This offer starts from June 1st and will end on June 30th.
You can make 10 rupees in 5 days just sending one message or sticker to your friend.Each day you will send a message to your friends receive 1 point and doing this for next 4 days you will achieve 10 rupees and for next  two 5 days doing like this another 10 rupees credited ,from the third block of 5 days the amount will increased and you will credited with 30 rupees and fifth block of 5 days you will credited with 51 rupees in your account (within 25 days you can achieve 111 rupees) .You can get the idea from below Screen Shots.
Earn Free Recharge of 111 Rupees from Line MessengerEarn Free Recharge of 111 Rupees from Line Messenger

How to receive 111 rupees from Line messenger?

Step by step procedure:

#1 Download line messenger from Playstore/iTunes and login with your mobile number
#2 Send any one message or sticker to any one of your friend in Line contact.
#3 Do this every day upto 30th june or 25th June. Each 5 days complete you will receive 10 rupees and don't worry if you are missed a day to send message, you only miss that day point and still you can earn free talktime. (If you are missed 5 days to send message only you will loss 10 rupees)
#4 When you achieve min. 10 rupees you can recharge to your account

** This promotion is start from June 1st and will run entire month
**Redemption link will send when you completes 5 days


-  Valid for Line India users only
-  Offer available for only prepaid and postpaid customers
-  Need iOS or Android operating system

Other features of line messenger:

-  Exclusive deals and offers are in your finger tips
-  You can shop through line -from your favourite brands with special prices
-  Large collection of stickers
-  Free voice/video calls
-  New timeline feature
-  Sticker and theme shop
-  Official account subscription
-  Games


  1. Hi, I have a problem. I am not getting the recharge. I am sending messages everyday, and I am getting chat messages from Line India that rs10 or rs30 is available for recharge. when I go to that link, I enter my no and operator. after that I check my main balance, but its not credited to my account. what should I do, please help.

    1. are you registered line with same mobile number??

  2. yes, I am registered with the same mobile no.

    1. Normally after clicking on that chat link entering mob number instantly credit the amount! Please try many times or early morning ...may be it works!

  3. i did, when I tried again, it says it already credited the amount.. i'll try reinstalling.. but I fear if it'll register again for the same no.

    1. You can re-install the app! you must set an user name and password before uninstalling! But your recharge link and other messages may delete while doing this!. did you try to tell this issue to the developer through playstore?

  4. Download Link http://goo.gl/6bxjR7


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