5 Best iOS Apps for Kids

Life can be really tough for parents whose kids are active and keep on demanding different things to remain entertained. In the quest of channelising their energies, parents keep on hunting for newer things. Occasionally do they find success, but luckily there is one place they won’t be disappointed and it is the world of “iOS apps”. Yes there are numerous apps to keep the kids entertained and not just entertained but teach them as well in a fun manner.

1. The Pianist

The Pianist

It is developed by MooCowMusic Ltd. The app turns your phone into a piano for your little one. Apart from keeping him busy, it teaches him how to play an instrument.

Main features:

  • A complete piano keyboard with 88 keys akin to a real piano
  • Playback recorded and saved compositions at some later time
  • Overdub again and again as desired and also delete notes not required
  • Virtual “sustain” and “soft” pedals
  • Expression depends on the key being pressed
  • An optional keyboard relieves the hassle for scrolling to reach the keys
  • A maximum of four octaves can be displayed immediately
  • A full configurable metronome
  • Requires iOS 5.0 or later
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2. Scout’s ABCGarden

Scout’s ABCGarden

It is a fun and easy way to teach toddlers English alphabet. It even sends the progress made by your child in the form of reports through email, Twitter or Facebook. It forms a great preschool learning for your kid created with the help of education experts.

Main features:

  • Play as a guest or with 3 personalized profiles
  • Customize puppy friends Scout and Violet to speak and spell the kiddos name and some of his favorite things
  • Cultivate fruits in the garden by shaking, tapping and swiping letters
  • 3 interactive play yard screens along with “tappable” revelations and learning prospects
  • Amusing children songs
  • Parent zone reveals the letters learnt by the child
  • Share child’s developments with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter
  • Requires 3.0 or above
  • 5 learning awards for the child

3. Scribble lite

Scribble lite

The app helps your kids remain busy and learn some sketching. There are innumerable colors, pen sizes and draw-on options. It is a fun app for kids of all ages with a promise to keep them entertained for hours. It is made by Zintin.

Main features:

  • Draw a picture
  • Shake to erase it
  • Employ scribble to doodle, draw, finger paint and trace
  • Background colors
  • Excellent at quick note making
  • Requires 3.1 or up

4. Hapes ToddlerPreschool

Hapes ToddlerPreschool
It is developed by Toddler Teaser. The app reasserts the fact that the kids learn more when taught in an entertaining manner. There is a child-safe menu to help parents customize game play and difficulty.

Main features:

  • 4 methods of playing: Toy Box, Flashcards, Quizzing and Puzzle game modes
  • Available in three languages: Spanish, English and French
  • 1000 objects in 30 categories available in the menu
  • Toddler friendly game play with no interruptions or menus
  • Pleasing high resolution
  • Good music to keep kids engaged
  • Available on iOS 4.3 or later

5. Freshwateraquarium


The kids will love the app by EquiBeom Hwang – an aquarium with realistic fish graphic on your iOS device.

Main features:

  • 3 mini tanks
  • A maximum of 40 fish can be managed in one tank
  • 19 species – neon tetra, bluegill, tiger barb
  • Feed to grow them only to sell them later
  • Scroll tank by touch-move
  • Five background themes – classic, winter, rocky, ocean and Halloween
  • Requires iOS 6.1 or later
iPhone and iPad mobile application development companies are sparing no effort in doling apps for one and all. The kids also list on their list. The apps described above are a big proof of that.
Download the apps today and make your kids happy!

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