Top 10 Free Antivirus software 2014

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Most of us are unaware of Antivirus and how it maintains to serve better protection.
If your system is going without Antivirus you may face lots of hassles such as malware, spyware and DDos attacks. To ensure enhanced protection you must download and install trusted and effective Antivirus programs, but the sad truth is that most of them are expensive, don’t worry, here I’m giving a list of 10 top rated free antivirus software available for direct download and which can give effective protection to your system.
Top 10 Free Antivirus software 2014
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What is free and paid Antivirus?

• Free antivirus software is identical or almost identical in malware detection and which have received regular updates
• The paid antivirus software provides better technical support, additional firewall protection.
As we know that our system Is already have a better windows firewall. So there is no more advantage in paid versions, If you need better technical support you must use paid version other way free version is capable to protect you from virus attack.

Here is the list of Best 10 Antivirus software free download

1. Avast Free Antivirus

The reason I realised this my first choice because it delivers a really good protection rate, really simple to practice and only minimum impact on your system performance. You will subjected to quick scan after installing this antivirus and it will identify any potential threats on your PC.
Avast Free Antivirus
Key features include:
• Remote assistance
• The browser Cleanup tool lets you to remove unwanted add-ons from your web browsers
• Boot time scanning
• Internet site rating plugin
• Script malware protection
• Unique and clean design
• Improved firewall
• Light and fast
• It will not slow down your PC
• I don’t see any cons for this antivirus

2. Comodo Firewall + Antivirus

Comodo is the best pick for advanced users or intermediate users. It holds its own firewall and internet security also it protect you against almost nearly 100% threats!
Comodo Firewall + Antivirus
Key features include:
• Free firewall and internet security
• Because of the free version It consist of small advertisements and we can be disable it
• Protection from most recent malware
• Analyze unknown applications for suspicious behavior and alert the user
• Includes a browser and ad-blocking add-on
• Excellent protection against almost every threat
• Advertisement disabling option
• Free add-ons
• I don’t see any cons for this antivirus

3. Panda Cloud Antivirus Free

Panda Cloud Antivirus is a free antivirus program that uses cloud to scan for detection.
Panda Cloud Antivirus Free
Key features include:
• Simple and user friendly interface
• Cloud based security
• Web content protection
• Schedule regular full system scans
• Automatic USB vaccination
• You can be used aboard many other protection tools like tune-up utility or PC doc
• Paid version enables many other features like protection from public WI-fi and USB vaccination
• Cloud powered scanner enables the powerful scanning ability
• High scores in AV-tests
• Less system consumption
• It changes browser home page to Yahoo after installation complete (you can modify this later from browser setting)
• There is no firewall

4. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Bitdifender antivirus uses the advance lab technology for the latest threats. It cares about all the threats and only show you important details regarding to it. The important thing is that it uses cloud scanning for increasing detection rate and fight with unknown threats which may other antivirus program misses.
Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition
Key features include:
• Compact size
• Automatic and on demand scanning
• Real-time and antiphishing protection
• Manual controls are less (advanced users may frustrate at the lack of customization)
• Easy to install and requires negligible maintenance
• It doesn't affect your PCs performance
• Perfectly Compatible with windows8
• Cannot schedule scans
• Very few features
• Installation may hard if your system already infected with the virus

5. Combofix

It is a free antivirus software, that scan your computer and clean the detected infections automatically.
Key features include:
• It can clear your PC deeply
• Junk cleaning tools
• Most scans take less than 12 minutes
• Fast, safe and effective
• The detection rate is high compared to other type of scanning software or antivirus programs

6. Malwarebytes anti-malware

Malewarebytes is one of the simple and high detecting rate prooved antivirus program, it was introduced in 2008 and 200+ millions of downloads are reported. The set up file for malewarebytes AV consists of 15-20mb and very easy to install and scan your data processor and whatever sort of files. This antivirus also capable of getting rid of the shortcut virus from pendrives or any external drives, if there anyone facing that type virus I personally recommend to install this antivirus and run scans.
Malwarebytes anti-malware
Key features include:
• Advance malware protection and fast removal
• Capable of running within the infected system
• It has a fairly high detection rate
• Faster scans
• Ease to use and operate
• Fast, reliable and affordable
• Less memory is used
• Free technical support
• Consists of forum community
• Real time scanning is only in paid version which costs $25
• Deep scan takes a long time to finish

7. AVG Free Antivirus

Avg free antivirus gives the top quality antivirus protection and number of free security features,which keep your personal information safe both online and PC. Now it also available for Smartphones.
AVG Free Antivirus
Key features include:
• Constantly monitors and secures your PC from potential threats
• E-mail scanner
• Identity theft protection
• Link scanner
• Surf-shield help you to safe browsing
• AVG Zen tool
• Work well in the background
• Load faster and not effect on system boot time
• Slow on virus removal
• No cloud features for unknown threats
• Basic features only

8. Avira Free Antivirus

Avira free antivirus keeps the system virus-free and secure your important files. It likewise provides a real time malware detection and many other safety tools. This also uses cloud detection technology.
Avira Free Antivirus
Key features include:
• High detection rates for malware
• Constantly monitors and secures your PC from potential threats
• Free Avira toolbar which gives antiphishing tool, social network protection and ad blocker
• Avira protection cloud
• High detection rate and score above average in AV-Tests
• Less system consumption and don't affect system performance
• Always popup an email subscription notification from Avira, this somewhat disturbing
• There is no firewall

9. ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall

ZoneAlarm free Antivirus also includes a firewall and millions have used to protect from major threats. Two-way firewall makes your PC is invisible to hackers.
ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall
Key features include:
• Daily updates (paid version consists of hourly updates)
• Easy to use firewall and browsing protection
• Simple interface and easy to customize
• Easy to set up and user friendly interference
• Schedule scan is possible
• A good firewall
• You can anticipate a standard grade of shelter with free version
• Cannot schedule the scans
• System performance may reduce during scanning

10. Common Sense 2014 Free Antivirus

This is the free variant of common sense 2014 Antivirus and can work constantly with protection against virus and malicious sites.
 Common Sense 2014 Free Antivirus
Key features include:
• Anti-spyware and firewall protection
•  Easy to set up and user friendly interference
•  No firewall
•  Browser security
• It makes internet explorer as the default browser

Which Antivirus you choose from the above list? Or which Antivirus do you practice? Feel free to send your comments in below the comment field.

5 Best iOS Apps for Kids

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Life can be really tough for parents whose kids are active and keep on demanding different things to remain entertained. In the quest of channelising their energies, parents keep on hunting for newer things. Occasionally do they find success, but luckily there is one place they won’t be disappointed and it is the world of “iOS apps”. Yes there are numerous apps to keep the kids entertained and not just entertained but teach them as well in a fun manner.

1. The Pianist

The Pianist

It is developed by MooCowMusic Ltd. The app turns your phone into a piano for your little one. Apart from keeping him busy, it teaches him how to play an instrument.

Main features:

  • A complete piano keyboard with 88 keys akin to a real piano
  • Playback recorded and saved compositions at some later time
  • Overdub again and again as desired and also delete notes not required
  • Virtual “sustain” and “soft” pedals
  • Expression depends on the key being pressed
  • An optional keyboard relieves the hassle for scrolling to reach the keys
  • A maximum of four octaves can be displayed immediately
  • A full configurable metronome
  • Requires iOS 5.0 or later
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2. Scout’s ABCGarden

Scout’s ABCGarden

It is a fun and easy way to teach toddlers English alphabet. It even sends the progress made by your child in the form of reports through email, Twitter or Facebook. It forms a great preschool learning for your kid created with the help of education experts.

Main features:

  • Play as a guest or with 3 personalized profiles
  • Customize puppy friends Scout and Violet to speak and spell the kiddos name and some of his favorite things
  • Cultivate fruits in the garden by shaking, tapping and swiping letters
  • 3 interactive play yard screens along with “tappable” revelations and learning prospects
  • Amusing children songs
  • Parent zone reveals the letters learnt by the child
  • Share child’s developments with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter
  • Requires 3.0 or above
  • 5 learning awards for the child

3. Scribble lite

Scribble lite

The app helps your kids remain busy and learn some sketching. There are innumerable colors, pen sizes and draw-on options. It is a fun app for kids of all ages with a promise to keep them entertained for hours. It is made by Zintin.

Main features:

  • Draw a picture
  • Shake to erase it
  • Employ scribble to doodle, draw, finger paint and trace
  • Background colors
  • Excellent at quick note making
  • Requires 3.1 or up

4. Hapes ToddlerPreschool

Hapes ToddlerPreschool
It is developed by Toddler Teaser. The app reasserts the fact that the kids learn more when taught in an entertaining manner. There is a child-safe menu to help parents customize game play and difficulty.

Main features:

  • 4 methods of playing: Toy Box, Flashcards, Quizzing and Puzzle game modes
  • Available in three languages: Spanish, English and French
  • 1000 objects in 30 categories available in the menu
  • Toddler friendly game play with no interruptions or menus
  • Pleasing high resolution
  • Good music to keep kids engaged
  • Available on iOS 4.3 or later

5. Freshwateraquarium


The kids will love the app by EquiBeom Hwang – an aquarium with realistic fish graphic on your iOS device.

Main features:

  • 3 mini tanks
  • A maximum of 40 fish can be managed in one tank
  • 19 species – neon tetra, bluegill, tiger barb
  • Feed to grow them only to sell them later
  • Scroll tank by touch-move
  • Five background themes – classic, winter, rocky, ocean and Halloween
  • Requires iOS 6.1 or later
iPhone and iPad mobile application development companies are sparing no effort in doling apps for one and all. The kids also list on their list. The apps described above are a big proof of that.
Download the apps today and make your kids happy!

About Guest Author :

Simon  is a Mobile app developer by profession and writing-enthusiast at heart. He mainly covers topics related to Technology, Android and iOS Apps, and now days he is passionate to cover and write reviews or issues faced by android and iPhone application development services. He prefers and loves to read about the Changing technology trends and review them of his own.

TechnoDrips Giveaway:100Rs Mobile Recharge for the Winners

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Technodrips 100Rs free Recharge Giveaway

[Updated: 21/06/2014]

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FIFA Worldcup 2014 Top 10 Android and iOS Apps Download:Watch Live FIFA 2014

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The biggest event in sport FIFA World cup fever sweeps all over the world, the tournament going to kick-off on June 12 and halt on July 13th.There are lots of apps are available n the android platform as well as iOS platforms, Here I'm illustrating top 10 most useful FIFA World cup 2014 apps for your smart phone. Don't worry if you are busy or facing any technical problems to watch a match, These apps will keep update you with all FIFA world cup news and scores within your phone's screen.

1. Official FIFA App

Developer: FIFA
Price: Free
This is the official mobile app of FIFA,it bring out a world cup latest news section and you can also discovers the information on players and coaches of every teams participating FIFA world cup 2014.

Other Features:

--Complete schedule of all 64 games
--Minute by minute live action

2. World Cup 2014 - Brazil

Developer: illusion apps
Price: Free
This app is dedicated to all soccer lovers all over the world,it comes with one of the best user interfaces.

Other Features:

-- Real time updates
-- Country names with flags
-- Match schedules and fixtures
-- Latest news and videos

3. Jalvasco World Cup 2014

Developer: FreeJalvasco Apps
Price: free
It is very user friendly type world cup 2014 app with easy to navigate and Quickly access.

Other Features:

-- Complete match details
-- History of previous results
-- Setting app at different time zone

4. Forza Football

Developer: FootballAddicts AB
Price: Free
It is an user friendly app to get live score updates, statistics and fans have the provision to share their opinions and ideas to their supporting team.

Other Features:

-- Live bucket feature helps to display continuously updating info graphics, any time a goal is scored it will update and tell how the next stage of the competition will look if the game ends on with present score.

5. BBC Sport

Developer: Media Applications Technologies Limited
Price: Free
BBC sport app comes with a section for the FIFA 2014 world cup. The app also provides live match coverage of complete matches.

Other Features:

-- Set match alerts for supporting teams
-- Highlights of every match without missing a second
-- Many other interesting features.

6. FootballAlbum - Brazil Edition

Developer: Football Album Limited
Price: Free
It is a football focused social network that let you collect virtual football stickers and grouped them into an album of which team they support.

Other Features:

-- Discuss matches with friends
-- Live news
-- Goal scorer details and accuracy
-- Match stats

7. SportsYapper

Developer: Yapp Media
Price: Free
This is also the type of app like footballAlbum, Which gives the platforms for fans to discuss their supporting team stats and performance.

Other Features:

-- make friends and followers
-- Share photos
-- Shedules and scores

8. ESPN FC Football & World Cup

Developer: ESPN INC
Price: Free
This app provides breaking news analysis within your finger touch in a very easy way, this is the new version of the ESPN FC app.

Other Features:

-- Depth analysis of the match
-- Reaction and analysis
-- Videos and highlights

9. Mirror Football

Developer: Trinity Mirror
Price: Free
It is very quicker and easy to use User interface and perfect fit for simple design lovers.

Other Features:

-- Breaking news
-- Read top stories offline
-- Image galleries within articles
-- Live blogs

10. Sky Go

Developer: BSkyB
Price: Free
Sky Go app is the live TV channel app and they are recently include 6 TV channels for FIFA world cup.

Other Features:

--Live Streaming of FIFA world cup 2014
--Watch up to 38 live channels

Official idea Free Calling Trick Using mADcall Android App

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I'm already discussed about many working paisa earning apps, Eureka, madlock, paisa swipe, my screen etc.
You can call free 60 minutes all over the world using libon Andoroid app.
Now I'm introducing a new trick to get free talktime from idea. This is not or trick any hack, this is an official release from idea cellular services combines with mADcall.
Their procedure is simple and you will directly deposited free minutes in main account, you only need to watch 1 minute video and free minutes are automatically added to your account,From this credits you can call all over India.
 Earn Upto ₹600 Mobile Recharge/Real Money Daily from Task Bucks
 Top 10 Verified Money Earning Apps 2015

Official idea Free Calling Trick Using mADcall Android App

How to Get Free Talktime from idea-mADcall?

#1 Need an idea sim
#2 Download the mADcall app from here
#3 Install it on your android phone
#4 Any GPRS pack
#5 Open mADcall app and register with your mobile number
#6 Now you will get 4-6 video advertisement
#7 Go to dialer/contact and make call
#8 Now a pop-up screen will open and ask you whether free call or paid call
#9 Click on free call button and you will start to see 1 minute of video ad on phone screen.
#10 Just exit and you will receive 1 minute free talktime credited message in your inbox (Account credited proof is given bottom of this article)

How to earn more talktime from idea-mADcall?

Trick: When the video appears just press the power button and lock your home screen and unlock.

Payment Proof:

Official idea Free Calling Trick Using mADcall Android App

Earn Free Recharge of 111 Rupees from Line Messenger

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LINE has 440 million users worldwide and more than 18 million users in India , it is one of the best and popular social messaging app available in Playstore and iTunes gives better experience to users by almost same and more new features given by Wechat and Whatsapp.
NewGet Free 50Rs Recharge From Wechat Official
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Get 130Rs free recharge from Line click here
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Now you can get 120Rs from line messenger by sending sticker in groups, create a group with atleast one friend and send stickers daily win 30Rs each 5 days complete ...hurryy!
The new offer from Line Messenger: Now Line users can get upto 130Rs 
For more details read below (Procedure is same as previous 111Rs offer)

Earn Free Recharge of 111 Rupees from Line Messenger

Line is already comes with an offer of 50 rupees free recharge for users sending  Line stickers to atleast 5 friends,  this offer is discussed few months back on . Now Line has again come up with a free talktime promotion offer 111 rupees free recharge for every Indian line users.This offer starts from June 1st and will end on June 30th.
You can make 10 rupees in 5 days just sending one message or sticker to your friend.Each day you will send a message to your friends receive 1 point and doing this for next 4 days you will achieve 10 rupees and for next  two 5 days doing like this another 10 rupees credited ,from the third block of 5 days the amount will increased and you will credited with 30 rupees and fifth block of 5 days you will credited with 51 rupees in your account (within 25 days you can achieve 111 rupees) .You can get the idea from below Screen Shots.
Earn Free Recharge of 111 Rupees from Line MessengerEarn Free Recharge of 111 Rupees from Line Messenger

How to receive 111 rupees from Line messenger?

Step by step procedure:

#1 Download line messenger from Playstore/iTunes and login with your mobile number
#2 Send any one message or sticker to any one of your friend in Line contact.
#3 Do this every day upto 30th june or 25th June. Each 5 days complete you will receive 10 rupees and don't worry if you are missed a day to send message, you only miss that day point and still you can earn free talktime. (If you are missed 5 days to send message only you will loss 10 rupees)
#4 When you achieve min. 10 rupees you can recharge to your account

** This promotion is start from June 1st and will run entire month
**Redemption link will send when you completes 5 days


-  Valid for Line India users only
-  Offer available for only prepaid and postpaid customers
-  Need iOS or Android operating system

Other features of line messenger:

-  Exclusive deals and offers are in your finger tips
-  You can shop through line -from your favourite brands with special prices
-  Large collection of stickers
-  Free voice/video calls
-  New timeline feature
-  Sticker and theme shop
-  Official account subscription
-  Games