Enjoying Life with Apps – How to use Apps to Connect with People

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     By October 2013, there were over a million Apps in the Apple App Store. Meanwhile, in July of the same year Google announced that the same number of Apps are available for download from the Google Play Store. The number of downloads for all these Apps run to billions annually.

     There are Apps for almost all aspect of day-to-day life, so much so that once you discover the world of Apps, you can enjoy life to the fullest. You can do the things you love to do or conduct your business with only a smartphone or an Adroid as a device whenever and wherever you happen to be. However, you may need a little help from experts who will load the Apps and allow you to use your device at its full potential.

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     These web wonders are loaded with features that enable people to connect more with the real world and their activity in it, and help them get more out of life. For some, the Apps serve to improve their lives and help them spend more time doing the things they love to do most, improve their productivity and help them make more time to spend with the people they care for. Let’s see what Apps make two of man’s most favored activities-connecting with people and reading books-a real joy:

Connecting with people

     Thereare countless of Apps called video calling or chat Apps that allow people to converse with each other “face to face,”as though the parties involved are not separated by distance of a thousands miles or so. These Apps are not even limited to a one-on-one video call. Group video calls for families, friends and even business associates separated by physical distance are very much possible. The three most popularApps to connect with people are:
  1. Spin: This is a relatively new iOS App that provides a “real-time together experience” for people or groups of up to 10 people using the same platform, specifically an iPhone or an iPad. Spin also allows for the sharing of videos, photos and other contents during a “conference.” Users can have coffee “together”while one of them shares his/her wedding video, a footage of a football game or a sales presentationwhile nine others watched.
  2. Hangouts: This is Google’s messaging App for Apple devices, Androids and computers  that enlivens a one-on-one or group chat with smileys or pictographs, photos and video calls. Since it can be used in a wide range of platforms, everyone can join in.
  3. Skype: Skype is available on almost all mobile platforms and computers.Itallows for video calls for up to 10 people as long as one person in the group has a Premium account. A Skype group video call is subject to a fair usage policy of a 100-hour limit monthly, not more than 10 hours daily and 4hours per individual video call. When the limit is reached, the video stops and the call is converted into an audio call.

Reading Books

     If to some people dogs are man’s best friend, to many it’s books. Books serve as a companion to many.Booksentertain; open a newand exciting world; offer a wide range of knowledge, experience and information;immortalize ideas and doctrines; and help people to open up, connect with the world, and move outside of themselves. Thanks to the digital revolution, book lovers can now carry a full library of eBooks wherever they go as long as they have a smartphone and know how to download either one of these book reader Apps:
  1. iBooksThis is an Apple Appavailable in its App Store as a free download. It can be used on an iOS device, iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or Mac library. It features the iBookstore where classics to best selling books can be downloaded and read everywhere, every hour of the day.
  2. Kindle ReaderA Kindle device is not necessary to download a free KindleReading  App to any kind of smartphone, computer or tablet. This App puts over a million books at a user’s fingertips. In addition to reading books, users can also read popular magazines and newspapers with a Kindle Reader by either downloading a book from the Kindle Store orshopping for books, newspapers and magazines.
  3. Google Play BooksTo sign in for aGoogle Play Books or Google Books, a user needs a Google account. Upon signing up for an account, a user gets three free eBooks. Google Play has an extensive library of books from classics,bestsellers and even textbooks.

16 Must have Root Apps for your Rooted Android

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We have already discussed about What is rooting and how can you root your android in our previous posts...Today im going to share with you some must have root apps for your rooted Droid...

    1. Beats Audio Installer :
    Cover art 
    Enjoy Beats Audio` Drivers in any Android Phone/Tab

    2.Link2Sd :
    Link2SD - screenshot thumbnail
     Basically we Partition SD card and use that part to Store apps
    Thus indirectly Increasing Internal Memory in Android Tab/Phone


    3.Titanium Backup : 

    Titanium Backup ★ root - screenshot thumbnail
    Most importatnt backup tool to backup Both Apk+Data of Apps


    4.LBE Privacy Guard:
    LBE Privacy Guard - screenshot thumbnail
    5. ROM manger :

    ROM Manager - screenshot thumbnail
    Perfect Toolkit to manage ROMs

    6.Root Unistaller
    Root Uninstaller - screenshot thumbnail
    Remove Bloatware
    7.No Frills CPU Control:
    No-frills CPU Control - screenshot thumbnail 
     Control your CPU Clock Frequency
    [root] StickMount - screenshot thumbnail
    Connect Pendrive to Android
    9.StartUp Manager

    Startup Manager (Free) - screenshot thumbnail
    Disable StartUp apps

    11.System App Installer

    System Apps Installer [ROOT] - screenshot thumbnail
    Install apps on System Directly 

    12.Chainfire 3d

    [root] Chainfire3D - screenshot thumbnail
    Must have Apps to play HD games on Low End Phones   


    CacheMate for Root Users Free - screenshot thumbnail
    Remove cache files in One Click and free memory   

    14.Sd Speed Increase

    SD Speed Increase - screenshot thumbnail

    Increase cache size of Sd card


    15.Font Installer
    Font Installer ★ Root ★ - screenshot thumbnail

     16. Droidwall

    DroidWall - Android Firewall - screenshot thumbnail
    Allows you to restrict which apps can access the network. 

      Earnlock - Paisa Earning App for Android Users-Alternative for Paisa Swipe

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      [UPDATE 14/05/2014]: Please do not download this app-the developer is removed the app from playstore and you can't even receive recharge from it. Existing users showing user id disabled message when the time of sign in, Better uninstall this app from your phone. 
      Working and tested paisa earning apps: Paisa swipe, Eureka,Kwickadd and myscreen
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      We have already discussed about best 3 paisa earning app for Android users, now we are happy to add one more paisa earning app for that list. Earnlock is an app which is very similar to Madlock & paisa swipe and gives money each time when you unlock the phone lock screen.User gets to see random interesting advertisements which are placed on users lock screen & users can also filter advertisements based on their interests.
      Unlike others in this way you can earn up to 900 rupees per month.You can also increase your earning by inviting your friends & you get up to Rs.25 for every 5 friend you invite per day..

      Earnlock - Paisa Earning App for Android Users-Alternative for Paisa SwipeEarnlock - screenshot thumbnail

      • You just have to swipe right to unlock your phone as usual and get paid.
      • You can also swipe left to engage with the advertisement, this swipe will take you the landing URL like a website or a Youtube video of the advertisement & you get paid more for swiping left.
      Step by step Procedure
        Earnlock - screenshot thumbnail
      1. Download App from play store By CLICKING HERE
      2. Open App and click on sign up.
      3. Enter your name, email, password, gender, birth date, mobile number, pin code and reference code.
      4. Enter referral code as 5094237 ( using this code you will get 20 rupees bonus )
      5. Update your ad interests 
      6. Press back and wait for ads appear. 

       *NOTE : It take about 7 days to get recharged after your redeem request.

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      • Works fine from android version 2.1
      • Referral programs let you to earn more
      • Payouts- Prepaid recharge, postpaid recharge and bank transfer is available
      • You can choose ads appearing your interested basis
      • Up to Rs.900 per month 
      Payment Proof :

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      Top 10 Free Photo Editing Apps For Android Users

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           Whether you are a craze on photography or someone who just wants to enhance the look of photos, you must know about these apps.
           There are lots of photo editing apps are available for android platform, I'm sure most of them are not comes to your range, no more disappointments because we are assembled a list of top 10 free and efficient photo editing apps available for android users.The most interesting thing is you need only basic knowledge to use these apps.
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      1. PicsArt – Photo Editing

           My first and best choice for photo editing is pics Art.It is a free app and got millions of downloads in Google play.One of the best feature of PicsArt is its drawing tool, it consists of various artistic brushes,layers to create your image like a real artistic painting.You can also the provision to share your pic to social media sites directly.


      • Photo grid and collage maker
      • Drawing tool
      • Picture art
      • Lens flare
      • colour splash
      • Multiple image masks
      • Send photos by SMS and E-mail

        2. Pixlr Express

             Pixlr Express is one of the Best photo editing app available in android market and one of the highly rated photo editing app.You can give professional touch to your photos in mere time. Pixlr consists of more than 500 creative special effect you can give to your photos directly, also you can easly crop and adjust images while you are going to share.It also have the Auto Fix option to automatically balances the brightness and colour of the picture.


        • Remove red-eye
        • Different Types of lighting effects
        • Different fonts
        • Draw sketch
        • Layout
        • Different types of background effects
        • Finish with photo borders
        Pixlr has the provision to share your photos directly to social media sites Facebook,Twitter,Google+ etc..

        3. Photo Editor by Aviary

             Aviary is one of the great brand in photography.This Photo Editor by Aviary is a free photo editing app for android users, iOS users can also get this app from itunes.You can fulfil all your photo editing needs fast and quickly .


        • Best photo effects and frames
        • One tap auto enhance
        • Fun stickers
        • Colour balance
        • Colour Splash
        • Cosmetic tools
        • Draw and add text

          4. Cymera 

               Cymera is one of the best user friendly photo editing app, only basic knowledge required to edit using Cymera. More than 800 decoration options are offered with wonderful collage effects.


          • Powerful Camera
          • 20 filters
          • Fun decorations
          • 70 different makeup and hair items
          • Beautiful set of collage layouts
          • Frames
          • Blur effect with circular and vertical or horizontal directions

            5. Adobe Photoshop Express

                 Adobe Photoshop is one of the famous image editing software for computer.Here you can install this software in your android phone and enhance your photos, you can crop,re-size,remove red eye etc.. using Adobe Photoshop Express app.

            OTHER FEATURES:

            • Auto fix
            • One touch filters
            • New image rendering engine
            • Easy to share

              6. Snapseed

                   Snapseed is one of the simple way to edit you photos.It offers one tap auto correct feature. New york Times praised Snapseed as "first class Photo-editing software". Anyone can enhance the photos with easy controlled tools efficiently.

              OTHER FEATURES:

              • Auto correct
              • Selective adjust
              • Tune image
              • Black and white effects
              • Vintage films
              • Beautiful frames
              • Easy to share on Social media networks

                7. Photo Editor Pro

                     It is one of the powerful photo editing app with many amazing effects.It offers many photo editing features includes adjust brightness,light,colour,contrast etc.. This app also offers some of similar features as described in above app list.

                OTHER FEATURES:

                • Picture effects
                • Colour splash
                • Best Drawing features
                • Photo sharing
                • Photo management

                  8. Photography editor

                       Photography editor is somewhat different from all other apps, that is you can make funny photos of your friends and fool them.It offers snow effect,rain effect,falling leaf effects etc..

                  OTHER FEATURES:

                  • Add frames
                  • Write over your images
                  • You can colour your eyes,mouth,nose,hair etc..

                    9. QuickPic

                         Qickpic allow you to edit as well as list 10000+ pictures in few seconds.You can also view slide show with best quality and it is more clearer than other apps. It also have the provision to hide your pics from gallery and protect it with password.

                    OTHER FEATURES:

                    • Free and no ads
                    • Optimised for Android HD tablets
                    • Play animated GIF and videos
                    • More file management features
                    • Smooth experiments

                      10. Photo Effects Pro

                           Photo effects pro provides an easy and funny way to enhance your personal photos.user friendly tools allows you to edit photos fast and easly. It consists of more than 40 filters and effects.

                      OTHER FEATURES:

                      • Finger paint on the photo
                      • Beautiful frames
                      • Fun stickers
                      • Photo collage
                      • Photo grid

                        Free Airtel 3g Handler Trick for Mobile April 2014

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                         With this trick you can use 3g free in your mobile using modified Apps called Handler apps in Airtel ...Configure your phone & app below as per given configurations..

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                        Create a new Configuration in Settings as :
                        • APN - TechnoDrips.com
                        • PROXY -
                        • PORT - 80
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                         Use this as frontquery in the Application Handler menu in App :
                        • FRONT QUERY - airtellive.com/~lraaibqy/.hv/en/mtrickgp/http/
                         Say in opera :
                        Download Handlers
                         You can also use other Handler apps like Ucweb ...Just google it...

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                         Queries??? Comment below...
                        Just a share over the Internet...None of the files are hosted here....

                        Free Facebook for AIRCEL customers Official

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                         Free Access to Facebook now available to AIRCEL USERS in 13 circles - Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh (East & West) & Madhya Pradesh - through http://0.facebook.com

                        For new customers they get free 50MB of data per month of Facebook access for 60 days after activation, the existing Aircel users will get the same amount of data for 30 days for Facebook access. Post the free 50MB of usage, the carrier will charge users 2p/10kb.

                        FireChat - Chat without Internet or data

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                        FireChat introduces a new way to chat: "off-the-grid"... Now you can chat with people around you even if there is no Internet connection or mobile phone coverage. It just works and it’s free whether you’re on the beach or in the subway, at a big game or a trade show, cam
                        ping in the wild or at a concert, or even abroad, simply fire up the app with a friend or two and find out who else is there.
                        Get FireChat now and create your own community anywhere and start bringing people together.Wait, how does this work without an Internet connection or any type of mobile coverage? The magic comes from Open Garden’s mesh networking technology, which FireChat is built upon & welcome to a new era of open communications.

                        MAIN FEATURES

                        • Instantly message anyone around you on Android devices
                        • Works even without any Internet connection or any type of mobile coverage
                        • Chat with one person or with a group of people at once
                        • See what people are talking about everywhere in the “Everyone” mode, or create conversations that only people near you can join in the “Nearby” mode
                        • "Nearby chat" works best within 30 feet of your location
                        • Easy: no Facebook or email login, no password to remember
                        • Use it at home or when traveling anywhere in the world.

                        • Click here to Download Firechat to Android : CLICK
                        • Click here to Download Firechat to IOS       : CLICK

                        Free Airtel 3g Trick VPN April 2014

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                         Checkout the new vpn trick for may 2014
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                        Basic Requirement For this Airtel 3G Trick
                        1.Airtel 3G Enabled Sim card
                        2.Maintain main balance of Rs. 0 , Data Pack Required if you dont want to cap your 3g speed.
                        3.Apn: airtelgrps.com
                        4.Speed Up to  500 KBps

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                        How To use this Airtel 3G Trick
                        For Mobile users: Android mobile use can also use these Trick configs with their android devices just you need to follow these simple steps :

                        1.Download and extract config in SD card.
                        2.Go to Google Play Store Search for Droid vpn for android.

                        3.Install DroidVpn in you android device.
                        4.Add Airtel 3G VPN Config to Vpn folder.
                        5.Run and Enjoy

                        For PC Users: 1.Download The Attachment of Airtel 3G Trick .
                        2.Install Nmdvpn and Put configs Here (C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config)Click Here to Download Nmdvpn.
                        Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users RUN NMD VPN as the Administrator.
                        4.Just Connect and Enjoy.
                        » Download Trick
                        Based on VPNBOOK servers. So you need to change password if you are getting AUTH failed error.

                        Ways for Avoiding Sim Blockage
                        1. Use with small 3G plan.
                        2. Don't use much data in one session. Try to disconnect and reconnect before 400 MB of usage.
                        3. Avoid downloading bigger size file.

                        *None of the tricks are hosted here...Its just a share from Internet ...