Whistle to Answer Phone Calls with Android App Auto Answer

Ofcourse,this is the best way to impress your friends. Auto answer is a free application that will helps us to answer phone calls by whistling. It is very helpful while you on driving.
That minimize the function to swipe the screen and picking the call with other hand, you are only  need to whistle loudly, the app will recognize your sound and accept the call at the instant.
This app also provides scheduled texts to your loved ones, that is you can set a text message when it want to sent. That also minimize the difficulty of typing while driving.
You can download this app from here.

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  • You can easily accept the call while on driving
  • Can set predefined text messages
  • Easy to customize
  • Free to download
  • You must familiar with whistling
1. Download and install Auto Answer
2. Run the app and customize using settings
     You can set mainly,
  •  Schedule text messages
  •  Answer call by whistling
  •  Bluetooth connection settings
3. Yes.. you have done everything.Now just exit the app and if you want to test the app , just ask your friend to call to your number and start whistling!