BunkMaster: Best Android App to manage your College Class Bunk

BunkMaster is an application that is exclusively developed for the students who want to catch up with their attendance in the event of absence from the class. BunkMaster can be used for maintaining a minimum level of attendance percentage for school/college students.
We all know how boring our lecture sessions are now-a-days. We all need a break in between those continuous hours of lectures, and that’s when we actually bunk classes, to get some fresh air or to recharge our mind. But everything cannot always be in our favour, there is always a villain to spoil our day and here the villain is our Attendance. That thing (our Attendance) usually gets out of our control, the only time we know about it is when we are barred from attending our exams due to our low attendance.

Well Bunkmaster is not only for bunking classes, but also to have a total control over our attendance if by any reason we had to be absent for a day.
Bunkmaster is a recently developed android app with almost 1000+ downloads in multiple android app stores already. This small application is already helping a lot of students all over the world, with an average rating of 4.5+ stars from various users. From the reviews it is very clear that Bunkmaster is a user friendly and easy to use application with some innovative features that make the app standout from other competitive attendance managing apps. The catch, one should use the app daily in order to get the desired result
Before using BunkMaster application we need to know how this app works. After installing, launching the app will direct you to the Welcome page, where you need to fill out your basic details like name, semester, college name, minimum required attendance percentage, number of working days, number of hours in a day, number of subjects. Make sure that you enter the correct details because this data is used all around the app. Then you will be directed to the Subjects page, where you have to enter the subject names in specified columns, you can change or edit this section later, if you want to. Then you will be led to the Timetable page, where you need to select the subjects for each hour from the drop down menu. You need to enter the timetable for each day. Then you will be led to Current Status page, where you need to enter you current status for each subjects, attended and total hours, If you are using the app at the starting of the semester you could just ignore the page and click save. And finally you will reach the Home page. From now onwards, launching the app will direct you to the Home page.
Home page features some hidden tricks depending on your attendance percentage.  Top half of Home features a table with your current percentage and Bunks available/need to attend hours, and a pie chart to show your percentage. And now to the hidden trick, if it’s your first time use in the semester, the background of the table will be Blue, and if your attendance percentage is greater than your required then its Green, if it’s above the minimum percentage - 10%, then it will be Yellow, and anything below that will be Red. The bottom half consists of Menu to different pages.
In Today page, you can update your attendance daily. It is required that you enter the data daily. Here you can select the subjects from drop down menu and mark the subjects as A-attended, B-bunked, F-free. In Details Page, your basic details you have entered in Welcome page are displayed. In Timetable page, you can view the time table for every day. You can also edit the time table using the Edit but tin. In Status Analyser Page, your current attendance percentage, status, total and bunked hours, bunks available/need to attend hours are displayed. It features the similar hidden features as in the Home page. Status Analyser also displays detailed subject wise analysis. One of the most interesting feature is the Go to page, it helps you to go to any particular day in the past and enter the attendance of that day. If attendance for that day is already entered you will be redirected to History page were you can view the details for that day and other days by pressing next or prev buttons. An Edit button is also introduced in the latest version so that you can edit the attendance of that day.
There is also a navigation drawer or sliding menu as is common in android application nowadays, trough which you can go to any page from any page. It also features a Reset Button. The Reset Button is used to reset all the data and details you have entered previously. It is useful when you start a new semester or course.
With all these goodies, you could say that the developer took great care in carving out all the features that each bunkers crave to have. And this app has more potential than other apps that are now available in the stores. And this makes us to say,” Now it is time to use BunkMaster,  Its keeps us out of attendance trouble. cheers ....!!!”.
     There is also a developer community in Google+ for BunkMaster for people who want to test the beta versions of the upcoming version and provide the review and suggestions to make the app better.