Weight Loss Solution-Best 5 Fitness Apps For Android and iOS Users

Are you suffering from any fitness problem or over weight? Never mind these 5 applications will find the solution for you. It keeps track of your daily workout nutrition, needs etc..
Here we are giving the list of 5 most popular fitness apps for Android and iOS users (sorry windows and blackberry)

1. MyFitnessPal

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This app is available for both Android and iPhone. It helps to count calories each food you are eating, that is you can tell the name of the food you are eating and the app will count the number of calorie included with that food also user can enter their weight and how much they want to loss per week. It also includes different types of exercise.


2. Nike+ Running

This is one of the best fitness apps available in the market. Nike is the developer of this application.it available for both android and iOS users. It records distance you travelled and time required to reach a point, another advantage is that user can share his running path or point of a location with their Facebook friends.

3. MapMyRun
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The name resembles what it can do. Yes, it can track running, walking, cycling etc.. it can calculate how much your calories burned with distance you run or walk.It also have the provision to track your dailyweight goals and neutrition.

4. Moves 

Moves is an userfriendly fitness app,it track your daily activities like running,walking,cycling etc..  It displays how many calories burned by doing particular activities and also the user can set their daily goal of distance travel with the help of the route map. It can calculate the number of steps you walk. All these actions are working as background,so that doesn’t worry about battery draining. This application is free to download for Android users but for iOS it costs you $2.99.

5. Endomondo Sports Tracker 

It is one of the highest rated online fitness service developed by Endomondo. It helps to track distance based activities running, walking, cycling etc..
It has a realtime screen of graph with heart rate,speed and time.By this users can easly gain access for their progress.


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