You Can Now Live in World of Possibilities: Introducing 5 slimmest phone

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Mobile phones are now becoming more of smartphone device as it can be used as a device to work out all digital activities with great ease. With every passing time, the specifications, features and hardware are being transformed to dual core and quad core processing.

In 2014 there has been a massive launch of handsets that claim to be the thinnest smartphone. Smartphones like Gionee tops in the list of slimmest handsets after the launch of its variant Elife with 5.5” display. The trend started with Moto RAZR and the league of launching it spread like a bush fire. Almost every brand is launching new handsets keeping the slim feature in mind. These slim handsets are not compromising in terms of looks, instead they are considered as testimonials to a company.
Here is a rundown of handsets that belong to 7mm and below gang, some of them includes iPhone 6 and Galaxy Alpha. Get your story here.

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1) Oppo R5: 4.85mm

Oppo R5 claims itself to be the slimmest handset made till date. The handset is 4.85mm thick and with this Oppo has shocked the buyers as before it was only Gionee wearing the crown of being the slimmest smartphone. The phone comes with 5.2” with 423ppi and has a stainless body.

Since thin devices heat up soon, Oppo has come up with a new feature known as Cool Element technology that uses a liquid metal to cool the device.

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2) Gionee Elife S5.1: 5.15mm

Gionee smartphone India has launched and Android handset and has become noticeable for its thickness feature. It’s an ultra slim handset with 0.22”. Gionee has outshine itself by producing a handset whose sides measure just 0.2” thin.

It is powered by 2100mAh battery that is somehow managed into the chassis. Its classy and elegant design has made this device successful.

3) Vivo X3:5.57mm

Vivo has break all the records and has now acquired the first position with just 5.57mm thickness, which is actually mind blowing. This handset is an Android 4.1 based phone with 5” HD display.

Its audio system is known as its best feature. Vivo comes in a package of sound processor and great speakers.

4) Huawei Ascend P6:6.18mm

Huawei’s flagship handset is just 6.18mm thick and comes with 4.7” HD panel and an 8MP camera. This handset has a 1.5GHz quad-core processor with a 2GB RAM and a 32GB internal memory.

This handset is to be recommended the most in this price range.

5) Motorola Droid Razr: 7.1mm

The competition started when Motorola launched Droid that is a success being the thinnest and slimmest phone with desirable features. It is known most for its slim design with 7.1mm thickness.

Sony Ericsson Arc is the strong competitor of Droid. It has all possible features with desirable 1.2GHz Cortex A9 processor and 8MP camera.

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Top 5 VPN Services You Should Know About

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Along with time, people are concerned about having good privacy on everything and they work over into something that keeps their matters private and secure.
For example, all of us know that, the use of mobile phones has become an inevitable part of each and every single human being. If a person is free of any work, you will be able to see the person holding mobile phones and in case if you have to check videos or picture in their device, you just have to ask them the secure code or better. hence things are all private, even among siblings. so privacy plays the most important role now-a-days.

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When a person is about to use virtual private network VPN, i.e, a private network, which can access public network, they check into one, which is more safe and encrypted.
The time when you have to purchase something, there comes choices, making us confused to select one. similarly, there are certain choices of vpn which you can check  and compare into before you buy.
If you are looking into a sort of vpn which helps you to browse the web, share files.. Etc... privately, here are some VPN providers which I would suggest out.

#1. PureVPN


If you are in need of a vpn which  Supports L2TP/IPsec ,OpenVPN, SSTP and PPTP protocols,pure vpn is one of  the best choice for you.
In addition to this, it also supports IKEvs2 protocol for BlackBerry
This vpn is available at a rate of only $10.00/month and  $50/year., which is an affordable and reliable amount, with a package of services.
For premium subscribers, there is no limitation of bandwidth, though the server available in many countries.The speed of pure vpn is in the range of 4 Mbps to 21 Mbps range.
The best characteristic of pure vpn is that, it erases the information for every 5 days.

#2. Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel bar is that vpn which is available in multiples devices.Even though having the price of vpn from free of cost to  $5/month and $50/year ,its speed performance,which is in the range of 6Mbps to 9 Mbps,forces people to choose this ,as its available in such a good price. It supports PPTP. Servers are located in UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, and the USA.
Tunnelbear is an excellent  vpn which serves multiple features,
- Both free and paid users are catered with a policy of non –logging in order to counteract their belief that logging is an evil affair.
- Like their name suggest, this vpn are developed in such a way, making the users easy to install and use their vpn software, employed  with cute bear decorated  automatic settings and simple interfaces.
Along with this, it offers certain tech features such as vigilance, maul trackers and intellibear.
Vigilant is something that keeps your things safe from small exposure when there happens a drop In your VPN or wifi connection while maul trackers restrict the known trackers from viewing your signal anytime.intellibear is something which keeps your things private by making you choose privacy for certain websites by use of VPN while you browse other sites  with no VPN.

#3. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

If you are a torrent Downloader, private internet access is the most recommended one.
This VPN doesn’t even keep logs of your activity and  is one of the most secure VPN.
The best feature of PIA is that, authorities are not capable to match individual file transfer as more than one user  is being attributed to the same IP address, while they log into private internet access.
PIA supports mainly SSL, PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP protocols.It is available at a cheaper rate than pure VPN with only $7.00/month and $40/year, which proves to be the best priced VPN among the list.
The PIA makes it possible to get relieved  for the users of their  characteristic of auto disconnection when the VPN connection goes offline proving it to be best and fast vpn service.

#4. Witopia


Witopia is one among the best list of vpn which have similar as that of pure VPN with relatively low cost of: $6/ month and $50/year.
Having a speed in  the range of 2 Mbps to 9 Mbps, it supports mainly OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP.
Witopia clears out logs with a week and hence are safe to users.When you sign up, only the payment details and registration information is saved by them.
You are able to purchase a VPN router, which you can carry along places you run is one of the best feature. Also witropia promises their users by making secured of all their information and so can be established as an excellent alternative.

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#5. UnoTelly


With a rate of just $5.00/month,an excellent VPN which are specialised in providing its users with, Netflix USA, Hulu, and Spotify,i.e, geographically-locked streaming content, is none other than UNOTELLY. If you are not in an intension of file sharing and looking forward for a VPN, for the purpose of media player streaming at reasonable rates and outstanding speed, you are at the right destination.
This VPN service is offered to user mainly as  either UnoDNS or UnoVPN.
The UnoDNS feature  makes it possible for you to have very rapid access for media player and  for PlayStation while you are unlocking the country of your selection.
The UnoVPN feature offers you with trustworthy privacy of cloaking and encryption of  your signal.
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5 Upcoming Android Phones that are Worth Waiting for

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The world’s smartphone market is surely getting a population explosion. However, the global smartphone lovers are only too happy about it. The various mobile manufacturing companies round the world, no matter how big or small are all extremely busy churning out innumerable new smartphone models, ranging from the expensive bombs to the unbelievingly cheap models. Nevertheless, all the new smartphone models of the recent times are highly capable as compared against the yesteryear’s feature phones. Going by the high popularity and the great reduction of price of the budget smartphones, the basic feature phones are certainly going to be history pretty soon. The modern mobile world is flooded with great new devices that offer the best of smartphone experience which results in the usage of mobile phones much more than simply taking and making calls and texting.

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Today’s mobile phone users thus, can’t think of living without their handsets that let them do so much and keep them busy either with work or great entertainment. As the various mobile makers keep on releasing great new devices with several awesome features as well as amazing new capabilities, the modern mobile users’ expectations are also increasing at an alarming rate. The mobile phone manufacturers are thus increasing the yardstick of the latest smartphones and it might even get tough for them to keep up with the increasing pace of growing expectations of the global customers. Nevertheless, the companies know how to please the customers and grab enough attention for their new models ensuring ample sales volumes. Thus, while some phones charm with superior technological prowess, others grab eyeballs with stunning design and built, yet others offer super affordable price tags to lure in buyers.

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In the ever growing smartphone market, uncountable new models are pouring in. Here are some of the 5 great upcoming Android smartphones that one should lookout for:

Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy A5

The Samsung Galaxy A5 is one of the most awaited upcoming android phone models at the present time. Coming from the house of the mobile market leader Samsung, the Galaxy A5 is of course a great device to keep an eye for. This, like most of the other Galaxy smartphones is also going to be a mid-ranged premium offering from the South Korean mobile major.

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On the design front, the new upcoming Galaxy A5 is going to keep to the latest Galaxy line of design language, while the usage of metal is expected to increase in it. It is going to feature a 5 inch display screen with 720 x 1280 screen resolution. It is going to run on the latest Android OS, v4.4.4 (KitKat) and feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset Quad-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz along with 2 GB RAM. It is going to come with 16 GB internal memory with microSD card slot for expansion. On the camera front it is going come with a good 13 MP primary rear camera along with a 5 MP secondary front facing camera for the selfie lovers. It is going to be offered in many attractive body color options including Midnight Black, Soft Pink ,Platinum Silver, Pearl White , Champagne Gold and Light Blue.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The upcoming Galaxy Note Edge again from the mobile king Samsung is going to be a more premium device with a lot of features packed in its sleek design. It is going to feature a premium design most probably with metal casing and going to have a classy appeal. The device is going to pack in a huge 5.6 inch Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen with 1600 x 2560 screen resolution. Running on the latest Android OS version, the Galaxy Note Edge is going to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 and Quad-core Krait 450 clocked at 2.7 GHz of speed. This is going to come in addition of a great 3 GB of RAM. It is going to come in two versions of either 32 GB or 64GB of internal memory along with microSD card slot. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is going to pack in a great 16 MP primary camera with a plethora of features.

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LG G Pro 3

LG is known to be offering some of very good quality smartphones that are high on quality as well as functionality. The LG G Pro 3 is the successor of the popular G Pro 2. The LG G Pro 3 is expected to keep to the overall design language of its predecessor, albeit improving on it. It is going to be a 5.5 inch phone along with the screen resolution of 1080 x 1920. Run on the latest Android OS, it is going to pack in Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad-core processor along with 3GB RAM. Internal storage is going to be available in either 16GB or 32GB options along with microSD card slot. The LG G Pro 3 is going to offer a 13MP rear primary camera, and an expected 5MP front snapper.

OnePlus Two

The OnePlus Two is of course the successor of the Chinese OnePlus One smartphone from the new and rather unknown Chinese mobile maker OnePlus which was founded only in 2013. The company’s debut product, the OnePlus One is still very new, and its successor the OnePlus Two is going to hit the market sometime early 2015. The OnePlus Two is also going to be an affordable 5.5 inch smartphone, though the screen size might be increased. Despite being a cheaper phone, the OnePlus Two is going to offer 13MP rear and 5MP front camera.

Xiaomi Mi4  

Chinese mobile major Xiaomi is already creating waves with its affordable super packed and high quality smartphones that are just getting available outside the Chinese market. The upcoming Xiaomi Mi4 is going to be a 5 inch screen phone and is going to offer everything good along with great attractive pricing. It is going to be powered by a Qualcomm quad-core processor along with 3GB RAM and 16 or 32 GB of internal storage. It is going to offer 13MP primary and 8MP secondary cameras.

Why you need a VPN? Things you Must know About Using VPN Service!

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In this present scenario, people are running behind development, so is the need for technology.
Where there is a technology.. there lies the evolution. Hence, People were in need of a reliable, fast and secure connection to share the information from a computer network  to another one, even when they are in remote places. There comes the origin of the VPN.
VPN Security

What is a VPN?

Many of us have only heard about VPN from the computer text book which we studied at schools. Virtual private network, that’s what a VPN stands for.
Like the name suggests VPN is a set of information processing system with private network which is linked over a public network usually internet. It is similar to wide area networks between web sites. If you are tied to a private network, it assists in broadcasting messages to public networks.
The use of vpn is mainly exhibited in business firms. VPN is equally used by company employees and individuals. The users are able to secure their wireless transactions and to connect to proxy servers for protecting their  personal identity and location.
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How VPN Works?

VPN working
Usually when you connect to a vpn, you establish or launch a VPN client on your system, sometimes by clicking a link on a website provided in its name, then  you log in with your credentials and now your computer is ready for exchanging trusted keys with a remotely server. Once both computers have tested each other every bit authentic, all of your internet communication is coded and secured from spying, which is the best VPN characteristic. it can also be applied in countries which restricts using websites.
VPN is something which most of us doesn’t make use of. But, I promise you that some day you will be in need of this for sure, like the following  people are in.


Student or worker
Uses  free VPN provided by school or company.
Can access resources when at home
Able to fire up VPN if they feel they are not sure       about its security in some homes

Only safe sense of protection while using Bit           Torrent
To get escaped from becoming captured by             company while downloading legally or illegally

Privacy minded and security advocates

Helps to keep their information secure and               encrypted and away from eavesdropping.
Use whether at home or abroad.

World traveler

Helps to check out all their favorite shows, live  programs as they as they cannot wait for re-  telecasts.

In most instances, a VPN service can be beneficial  either it's just a matter of protecting yourself when away or when you are handling raw data for your job and don't desire to get burned off.

Things to consider in choosing the best VPN

While picking out a VPN we should fit into certain matters so that it turns out to be a good and the best one. It should offer better features with server location, connectivity protocols, and affordable or reliable price. Some points that you should take into account before selecting a VPN can be pointed out as,


When you are about to choose a vpn, you will come across words  like SSL/TLS, PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, and other VPN types. Out of this, SSL is a commonly adopted one.
For every coin, there are two sides.Like the same, each protocol has its benefits and drawbacks. Most users are not  interested about this while corporate users are all  IPSec or SSL clients.

Corporate and Exit Locations

Service location and exit locations, that you choose, are the main things to be taken into account when you are using a VPN for one or other purpose.
Hence, while shopping a VPN, you should check out that the VPN which you are about to purchase, have servers in multiple location, minimum of location that you are interested in.
If you have to use a VPN outside of your home country, make sure about the availability of server in the country where you would like to make use of it, before you buy.


When you establish a VPN connection, you start providing your information by trusting the VPN providers blindly, as your communications are demonstrated to be procured. Only the operator on another system with same VPN can log in to your date if they necessitate.
Get to know about the provider's logging policies before you  sign up. This also depends on location. When a company doesn’t keep logs, it's not a matter where it is placed

Anti-Malware/Anti-Spyware Features

Making use of  a VPN doesn't mean that you are not struck by the virus. You should be aware when you make a download  and should  make sure that you are using HTTPS whenever necessary and possible. in case of mobile VPN service providers, clients are suggested with anti-malware scanners to make sure you're not downloading viruses or trojans.
While you purchase one, check that  the  providers offer you anti-malware protection when you are plugged in.

Mobile Apps

When you purchase a VPN service provider, make sure that you are able to get a consistent experience across all of your gadgets .Most  providers offer desktop and mobile solutions for individual users. Make sure that ,inorder to secure your phone along with your laptop ,you  don't have to use two different VPNs with two different policies and agreements .


The thing that we check first when we are about to purchase something is Price. No one is ready to simply pay for something than it would actually cost for. All human beings compare prices on similar matters before they buy.
Go into your user agreement, read the privacy policy for the service you are interested in, and be very aware of the differences between free and paid services.
Free VPN Providers are more potential to log your activities and serve contextual ads when you are plugged in. They make use of your usage habits to tailor future ads to you and have  weak commitments to privacy.
Subscription VPN Providers, take your privacy  more seriously, as you pay for the service. It  seems to be unusual for them to show advertisements, although if they log in  or store data about your use.
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VPN diagram
Image Credits Pinterest

Top 5 Alternatives To Facebook-New!

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The days are gone when people used to spent their time with their families, since there had an origin of certain social networking websites.

Earlier time, internet was a mean for sending mails or checking out certain news or information. But the invent of social networking websites and their mobile apps have completely changed the phase of using internet. Orkut ,which was one of the popular social networking website , had its death call last month as people are behind another SN website FACEBOOK for few years..

Like the  same, there can be time in future soon , that people will get of course bored of  Facebook and other similar social networking website ,as they  are looking forward for something new ,minute after minute.

As per latest survey ,it has been found that people are spending around one-third of their day in these websites and also it has become essential part of their life in case of few .In this generation ,no one is found free that, even if they don’t have anything to do, they will simply get into these. There are certain social networking site which I would like to suggest you to make use off.


As the name suggest Pinterest is such a sort of social networking platform, where we are able to pin something which we find interesting on internet such as photos ,videos ..etc.. Here you are able to save all those that you like, as soon as you find them. Like a notice board ,that we find in colleges separately for certain departments, in Pinterest you can have number of boards with different names on which you can pin out whatever you like ,that come on same categories and can be stored in their respective boards. Morethan that , pinterest provides such a facility to share your board with people who are online and also to follow others board by just clicking out the follow button ,you will be able to get other updates.


Latest  micro blogging space which is more than a social  networking platform,becoming popular these days is Tumblr. For sharing various kind of digital data including photos,music ,videos..etc..tumblr acts as a hotspot on internet.
User’s are able to set their privacy and hence posts are set  visible to private or public as per users choice.In tumblr,people are able to create many blog posts.The best feature about tumblr is that people are able to access to large number of free themes which will beautify the post which you make on your profile,hence giving a high standard quality and making more attractive ones..


Inorder to know about the true meaning of global network,a new social networking experience have been offered by Harnu.
It is designed such a way that people around the world are connected ,which specifies the right word for internet. people are only aware of things, likes ,dislikes , places ,locations ,Everything about the country they live in…so Harnu plays an important role in the lives of those people who love to learn about countries other than their’s, their cultures ,food habits ,certain destination..etc..

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The users of  Harnu are registerd with their country names and when he interacts with another person ,he is able to view their country and both can have chat ,where they are able to share their view and opinions on something of their mutual interest.
This website is obviously gonna prove rocking one, for those who are planning for a visit  out of their own country and looking for people who are ready to guide them the places they are planning to visit you are able to know about exact weather conditions, tourist interest etc, having interaction with people of place you are planning to visit off.
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If you are a book lover,the right place where you have to be is GOODREADS.
People can find and access to all the books in the world of literature .More than that , they can  rate, write reviews about, share their quotes, and last not the least ,best of all, to find a similar a person who loves reading books, as you do. It hence provides its users with a facility to add friends, message, have discussion, list out books, yearly reading challenges, book reviews and etc.
Discussion on wide range of topics that comes under literature are done in discussion board of Goodreads .users are able to compare the book with its movie if released and have discussions and clear doubts. Its actually a world of book readers. Best feature of goodreads is that its users can have a bookshelf as that one at home and  are able to enlist the books he read,reading and wants to read in future. Also they are able share their updates with their friends about the same .


Its being said that there will be 7 people of similar interest and similar in all cases in this whole world. .so here is a social network  which helps you find a people of similar mind.. MEETUP..
 It is a website meant to organise occasions and  meet one another in person at some place of their choice.  People are able to access on the new meetups near their location by searching and are able to join them by planning a place which is reliable for everyone to meet up on their own.
This website aims  to redefine the purpose of social networking ,usually a  conversations with other members will help you make great plans, hence is doing . it helps in interacting with people who are not your present friends and  you can even keep up with the new found friends, days after the meetup.

What does the blue tick on WhatsApp mean?

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What does the blue tick on WhatsApp mean?

The time when people used to check on other’s  last seen has been outdated by the new tick feature introduced by Whatsapp last week.
The latest feature has created problems among people who used to make excuses of not  reading the messages even though they did.
At earlier time, people were confused about the double tick that whether it denotes the message read by the recipient or else merely received by their mobile phone.
But this new feature has changed all the misconcept regarding the same as Whatsapp has updated its protocol with a double blue tick mark  in private message, to indicate the message has been read.

The latest feature is as follows:

#1 A single gray tick denotes  that the message has been successfully sent.
#2 Two gray ticks represent that the message has been delivered to their phone.
#3 Once the ticks turn blue mean that  the receiver has read your message.

This was one of the most awaited feature by more than half the users for long.
This feature doesn’t need to get updated  by  iOS and Android users. As it is being rolled out “OVER THE AIR” , most users have to still wait to see the blue ticks .

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We all recognize that, WhatsApp which was established in 2009 and  owned by  Facebook, posses an estimated 600M monthly active users and is one of the best social messaging mobile apps.
Hence the introduction of new feature has really changed the present situation of chats, as people have become more conscious while messaging.

All in ONE Remote Control App: Control your Devices Wirelessly

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In this android app you can control your computer remotely through Bluetooth or Wifi by creating your own customisable remote controls.
The app is named as AIO Remote stands for All in one remote and is compatible to operate with windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.
This application comes with a new characteristic, you can control another android phone or tablet through the customisation of this app.
If you are facing any trouble with your computer mouse or keyboard of your computer, this app is the consummate answer for it. For professionals this app can use it as the remote controller for the PowerPoint presentation slide control, are you a serious gamer? Feeling difficulties with game control in computer keyboard? This app will helps you to manage game control with 8 buttons and 8 directions with multi touch support.

All in ONE Remote Control App: Control your Devices WirelesslyAll in ONE Remote Control App: Control your Devices Wirelessly

Best features:

-- Control PC and other android phone or tablet
-- You can make your own custom remotes.
-- WIFI and Bluetooth supported and can use it on windows, Linux and Mac operating systems
-- Online remote gallery section helps you to recover and install custom remotes created by the other       users and likewise you can upload your project.
-- Remote file manager let you browse and transfer files from mobile to your computer easily.
-- Keyboard controller with swipe
-- Easy touch screen, mouse control with multi touch feature
-- Keyboard control
-- PowerPoint slide show control
-- Control PC applications
-- You can play games from single player to 4 player with connecting 4 mobile phones installed with     the AIO Remote app.
-- Control media players include windows mediaplayer, mediaplayer classic, winamp, vlc etc.
-- Supported languages: ENGLISH, ARABIC
All in ONE Remote Control App: Control your Devices Wirelessly

Installation Tips For AIO Remote App

#1 download the aio remote app from HERE
#2 next you need to install a server application for your computer CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
#3 Just connect your phone with Bluetooth/WIFI and enjoy!

If you are like this article don’t forget to share with your friends and if you are facing any trouble with this app please report it in below commenting!

Free Airtel 3g Moded Opera Mini for Android

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Create a Manual internet configuration/setting as :

Proxy :
Port : 80

Just download and install the moded opera mini for free airtel 3g internet ... Enjoy...

How to download torrents directly and anonymously free

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Torrent is one of the most popular file sharing system among the internet users . But one of the most important problems of torrents are they are slow and are not anonymous. So if you are downloading copyrighted content and movies then surely you are in trouble. Inorder to solve the speed problem and anonymity there are many cloud websites which will download torrents anonymously for you and you can download those files from their cloud servers directly with high speed and you can save your anonymity...

Here is a list of some free torrent cloud downloaders which you can try :

One of the most popular torrent cloud downloader which is completely free and fast. It is easy to use and register.
Click Here to register Free

Zbigz is also a free torrent downloader which has a speed limit of 150 KB/s.
Click here to visit Zbigz

Android 5.0 Lollipop released

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After much await and and rumors Android 5.0, code named Lollipop is released. Lollipop is supercharged with 4 times better performance and more battery life. It will run ART as default instead of Dalvik. Another important change is the new material UI design in all popular apps. There is a completely new notification styles and key new features in interface. Currently Nexus 6 , Nexus 5 , HTC one M8 and Moto G started recieving the Lollipo update and soon will spread to most of the new devices. Motorola already announced the updates for Moto X, Moto G , Moto E etc . And also the new Android One devices will soon recieve the update.
Some key features of Android 5.0 Lollipop are:
      Material Design
A bold, colorful, and responsive UI design for consistent, intuitive experiences
·         Notifications
New ways to control when and how you receive messages
·         Battery
A battery saver feature which extends device use by up to 90 mins
·         Security
Better encryption
·         Device Sharing
Multiple users for phones
·         Connectivity
Better internet connection and more powerful Bluetooth low energy capabilities
·         Runtime and Performance
Up to 4x performance improvements. Smoother UI for complex, visually rich applications
·         Android TV
·         Better Graphics, camera and audio and much more For more details :  

TechnoDrips Monthly Giveaway is Back Again With Exciting Prizes

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TechnoDrips Monthly Giveaway is Back Again With Exciting Prizes

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Microsoft announced Windows 10 Preview

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Microsoft surprisingly announced its Windows 10 version on september 30 through their official blog. Many were surprised that Microsoft jumped from Windows 8 to 10, skipping 9. Only the developer version of the Windows 10 is now available for techies , and it is expected to reach the consumers by early 2015. Microsoft announces windows 10 as a universal build for all device like tablets, pc's etc and it will be a completely new experience.Now users can test the preview and give their suggestions.There can be many changes in the preview version from the final version and testers gets continuos updates. So if you use computer for you daily use , stay on it until a final version is released.

  • There is start menu button in Win10 which was absent on Win 8 (later added on 8.1)

  • Find files faster: File Explorer now displays your recent files and frequently visited folders making for finding files worked on easier.
  • Multiple desktops: Create desktops for different purposes and projects and switch between these desktops easily..

  • New task view button: There’s a new task-view button on the taskbar for quick switching between open files and quick access to any desktops you create.
  • Snap enhancements: You can now have four apps snapped on the same screen with a new quadrant layout.

  • Everything runs in a window: Apps from the Windows Store now open in the same format that desktop apps do and can be resized and moved around, and have title bars at the top allowing for maximize, minimize, and close with a click. 

 Get the developer preview here :

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Airtel Opera , UCweb Handler Trick October 2014

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  • First make a new internet setting with :
  • Proxy- or or
  • Port- 80
  • Apn-
  • Now Open any Handler and put Frontquery as: 
You can use any working hosts instead of

BSNL 3G UDP Vpn Trick October 2014

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  • Requirements

1. BSNL 3G Enabled Sim card.
2. Maintain main balance of Rs. 0 , 3g Pack Required .
3. Apn:

  • Procedure :
1.Activate a Small Data Pack say Rs 14 : 100 Mb
2.Connect Intenet with  Apn : bsnlstream
3.Use any VPn Which supports UDP port : 53 (
Like PDproxy)

Done... Now only 1 mb will be deducted for every 8 mb.. That is you get 800 mb from Rs.14 pack...Enjoy...Tested in South, Kerala.

Google's Android One Strikes Indian Markets

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Google's Android One Strikes Indian Markets
As Google claims Android one devices are smartphones that are perfectly tuned for Android , there is no doubt that Android One devices will get the first and latest Android Updates. Currently AndroidOne devices run the latest Kitkat build 4.4.4 . Another important feature is that users get the pure Android experience without any manufacturers customizations. Many manufacturers like Samsung (touchwiz theme) and HTC (sense theme) modifies the pure Android Version in their own style, so users who want the pure android performance will now turn to Google's Android one devices. By releasing the Android one devices in alliance with Indian companies Google wishes to give their pure Android experience to the users at cheapest possible prize, good specs and limit customisations. Users are now free to customise their mobiles as per their likes.Google has understood the emerging low end Android segment  in Indian markets and has included the basic Smartphone needs, but at an affordable price.

Android One devices comes with features : 
  • Front/Rear Camera
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Micro SD Card
  • All-Day Battery
  • Dual Sim Cards
 With new Android services : 
  • Watch YouTube videos offline (coming soon)
  • Subscriptions to magazines and newspapers(Newsstand)
  • Free Android updates and app downloads ( From Airtel)
The Android One devices that are now Available in the Indian Market are:

Karbonn Sparkle V

4.5” FWVGA display
Cortex A7 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor


4GB storage (expandable up to 32GB)

2x micro SIM

Front and rear facing cameras (2MP and 5MP)
Rechargeable lithium-ion, 1700mAh
Android™ 4.4, KitKat® (and gets the new version soon after it’s released)

Micromax Canvas A1

4.5” FWVGA display
Cortex A7 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor


4GB storage (expandable up to 32GB)

2x micro SIM

Front and rear facing cameras (2MP and 5MP)
Rechargeable lithium-ion, 1700mAh
Android™ 4.4, KitKat® (and gets the new version soon after it’s released) 

Spice Dream UNO

4.5” FWVGA display
Cortex A7 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor

4GB storage (expandable up to 32GB)

2x micro SIM

Front and rear facing cameras (2MP and 5MP)
Rechargeable lithium-ion, 1700mAh
Android™ 4.4, KitKat® (and gets the new version soon after it’s released)