What is Rooting & how can you root your Android

If you are an Android user, you will surely encounter with the word ROOT … So did I… Rooting simply means giving access or permissions to access the system folders (root folders) which is usually invisible to users … So some of the apps requests for this function for working… It may be some of your favorite apps…
  • So what are the general advantage of Rooting:
  1.  Control your System speeds (requires Custom kernels)
  2. Firewall (control apps using your data)
  3. Block adds
  4. Change themes & install custom system apps
  5.  Many eye catching apps & much more… Once you have rooted you will find it out…

  • Yeah it got some disadvantages too…
It can void your guarantee … If you don't use it carefully it can brick your phone (dead )… SO BE CAREFULL…. But  it's the less chance if you use it safe & properly AND DON'T WORRY YOU CAN UNROOT YOUR PHONE TOO…. Or you can go back to your original phone OS by flashing the rom by Odin… Which is very easy…. Which will be added soon…

  • How can you root?
It basically is a script which modifies the android system file to unlock it… Usually we use a Superuser App to access & to install it we have to do a set of procedure… As root method varies from mobile to mobile… You can find out how to from www.xda-developers.com by searching your model there….
Or there is also one click root app called Superoneclick root (Limited Models)