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How to Jailbreak Your iDevices-7 Easy Steps

Jailbreak is a process same as that of android rooting, that give the advantages to users by changing its performance and enabling certain features.
How to Jailbreak Your iDevices-7 easy steps
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Here are the easy 7 steps to jailbreak your idevices.
  1. Before going to jailbreak you should backup your iPhone or iDevice
  2. Download Software Evasi0n to your you windows/mac operating system and install to it. CLICK HERE to download Evasion
  3. Now open Evasi0n from you are installed.
  4. Connect your iPhone or iDevice to the computer
  5. If it's showing any passcode issue, please go to the settings app, disable it in general -->passcode lock section (you can enable it after jailbreak). Note: You must use airplane mode after this step. Other ways it will affect the jailbreaking process because of data updates from the internet.
  6. Now go to your computer screen and click jailbreak button from you already opened window of evasion app. It will take some minutes to upload your jailbreak data. Note: your phone will restart in this process. Wait until evasion complete this process.
  7. After this process evasion will install a temporary app on your iDevice and it will ask you to open it. Just tap that icon and open it. Yes.. The screen will flash and your computer screen shows the jailbreak process is continuing. It need min  1 minutes for completion after that you can close the evasion app from your computer screen. Now your device starts to reboot a couple of times and you will see a lock screen after the reboot process is completed.
    Yes.. You have done the jailbreak successfully. You can now unlock your phone and enjoy the effect of jailbreak!
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