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Best Way To Earn Money From Home

                       I know Most of the internet users are really fed up with google about "how to make money from home" and most of the availing sites are scams. This results most of them are give up to online money making interest. Now I'm very happy to introducing a money making site Clixsense -it is one of the most trusted and user friendly money making website.
                   It will give all benefits of each and every work you do with it. The below picture shows you an outline of this website include with my profile.
This website is providing two types of membership programs STANDARD and PREMIUM.
Standard membership is free and it is best for beginners and you can make a decent amount of money from it. Premium membership has cost you  $17.00 so I'm not recommending to buy a premium account. Now let's talk about procedures to earn money,
There are mainly 3 easy ways to earn money  from this site

  1. View Ads

              View ads section shows some amount of advertisements daily.You can click those advertisements and the amount will come to your account as .01$ ,.005$ and .001$ each ad you click.

     2.  Offers

             This is one of the high paying sections of clixsense and there are plenty of offers available.
Offers include : surveys, video ads, downloading etc.

     3.  Tasks

              I always prefer Task section. This is the best place for making money. You can get a large amount of the microtask which pays from 0.02$ To 0.21$. Really excited right? yes you can. The task is given by croudflower and clixsense is one of the clients. More you are completing tasks most amount of dollars you get.
Here I'm giving some tips to doing Tasks.
  1. Select best suited task for you from the list.
     2. Do the task with minimum 80% of accuracy.

    3. Keep calm and steady.


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