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How To Make Bootable USB Flash/Pen Drive

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Naturally we may have a question , why we should make a bootable USB Flash Drive or simply a Pendrive when we have CD's or DVD's.
Its because using a USB flash drive (or simply pendrive) we can boot Windows or Linux much faster, instead of using typical CD Drives which are slower or even Hard disk drives (HDD's).
                      USB flash drives are used for running especially Linux as it is much faster than using CD/DVD's. And now if you are fed up using CD/DVD's which easily gets damaged, don't worry try instead USB flash drives for the installations of Windows & Linux.

                       Creating a Bootable USB flash drive is a very simple process if we use some third party softwares like RUFUS.

Rufus is a small utility that helps users to format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pen drives, memory sticks, etc.
It can be especially useful for cases where:
  1. You need to create USB installation media from bootable ISOs (Windows, Linux, UEFI, etc.)
  2. You need to work on a system that doesn't have an OS installed
  3. You need to flash a BIOS or other firmware from DOS
  4. You want to run a low-level utility
Despite its small size, Rufus provides everything you need. Rufus is available for both Linux & Windows.... It is very easy to use as it gives a very simple user interface.

Download Rufus for Windows : DOWNLOAD
Download latest/other versions from Official site : http://rufus.akeo.ie/

Trick & get Whatsapp free for 10 years !

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Pic Courtsey : Whatsapp.com

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia ...

                               And you heard it right you can get Whatsapp license for 10 years with this trick....Here goes :

  • Requirements

1. ipad or iphone (just in the beginning)
2. Android or Nokia phone (on which you will be using)

  • Procedure

First Install Whatsapp on iphone /ipad and register with your mobile number and get verified...Done...Now you can take your Droid/nokia & Then install whatsapp  & register again with the same number on it & hurray you can see the Whatsapp extended for 10 years on your Android...Cheers !!!

10 Popular Video Calling Apps For Android,iOS And Windows Users

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     Technology is Advancing day by day and due to the effect in communication field  it can connect people all over the world so that distance is not a barrier to happiness. For that purpose Video calling applications evolving day by day. Here we are showing 10 most popular video calling applications available in the mobile market. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages you can choose appropriate one from the list.
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1. Skype

          Skype is a popular for both desktop and mobile phones. From my personal experience Skype have good video call quality under 3G/Wifi services. It is first developed for aiming computer users and now it also available for mobile phones. Because of that it has some hangup problems.

Download Links:
For android  CLICK HERE
For iOS        CLICK HERE
For Desktop CLICK HERE
Official website: www.skype.com

2. Hangouts

          This is the one of the featured google products launched this year. It supports both android and iOS and provides sms feature for the users. But reviews telling that it is more complicated than other applications.

Download Links:
For android  CLICK HERE
For iOS        CLICK HERE
Official website: www.google.com/hangouts‎

3. Spin

            This is the new video calling service arrived this year. It has the advantage of group chatting, it can bear up to 10 people at the time. It also allows users to share photos and videos. Interface of spin is superb and except iOS users no other platform support this app.


                                                                                    Download Links:
                                                                                    For iOS        CLICK HERE
                                                                                    Official website: www.Getspin.com

4. FaceTime

            It is an easy method for connecting people with video calls. It can give reasonable quality of calls.But the platform is limited to iPhone only.

Download Links:
For iOS        CLICK HERE

5. ooVoo

             ooVoo is popular these days. It has wonderful interfacing and can make group chat up to 12 people. But it has disadvantage is that showing ads on the app screen and need a premium membership needed to remove ad , it will cost you $30 per year.

                                                                                    Download Links:
                                                                                    For android  CLICK HERE
                                                                                    For iOS        CLICK HERE
                                                                                    Official website: www.oovoo.com

6. Fring

              It is one of the oldest video calling application. It supports group video calling up to four people and offers text messaging. Video and voice qualities are not bad. It is not supported for desktops.

Download Links:
For android  CLICK HERE
For iOS        CLICK HERE
Official website: www.fring.com

7. WeChat

           WeChat is a very popular video calling service in the mobile market. They reach over 290 million using wechat. It is very user friendly and offers texting , photo sharing , voice messages and much more services. It gives better video quality and voice qualities.
It does not support group video calling

Download Links:

For android  CLICK HERE
For iOS        CLICK HERE
Official website: www.wechat.com

8. Line

          A video calling app with call quality stands near to Skype. Features are same as that of wechat and does not support group video calls. It also supports text chatting and gaming.

Download Links:
For android  CLICK HERE
For iOS        CLICK HERE
Official website: www.Line.me/en

9. Vonage Mobile

           It offers cheap international calls and also offers free calls between Vonage. voice quality and video qualities are good. It has the special feature is "video messaging" but not supports group video calling.

Download Links:
For android  CLICK HERE
For iOS        CLICK HERE
Official website: www.Vonagemobile.com

10. Tango

          It was one of the popular video calling app for iOS and now it available to android users as well as for personal computers. Same like wechat and line, tango also supports texting and gaming. It doesn't support group video calls.

Download Links:
For android  CLICK HERE
For iOS        CLICK HERE
Official website: www.tango.me

Best Way To Earn Money From Home

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                       I know Most of the internet users are really fed up with google about "how to make money from home" and most of the availing sites are scams. This results most of them are give up to online money making interest. Now I'm very happy to introducing a money making site Clixsense -it is one of the most trusted and user friendly money making website.
                   It will give all benefits of each and every work you do with it. The below picture shows you an outline of this website include with my profile.
This website is providing two types of membership programs STANDARD and PREMIUM.
Standard membership is free and it is best for beginners and you can make a decent amount of money from it. Premium membership has cost you  $17.00 so I'm not recommending to buy a premium account. Now let's talk about procedures to earn money,
There are mainly 3 easy ways to earn money  from this site

  1. View Ads

              View ads section shows some amount of advertisements daily.You can click those advertisements and the amount will come to your account as .01$ ,.005$ and .001$ each ad you click.

     2.  Offers

             This is one of the high paying sections of clixsense and there are plenty of offers available.
Offers include : surveys, video ads, downloading etc.

     3.  Tasks

              I always prefer Task section. This is the best place for making money. You can get a large amount of the microtask which pays from 0.02$ To 0.21$. Really excited right? yes you can. The task is given by croudflower and clixsense is one of the clients. More you are completing tasks most amount of dollars you get.
Here I'm giving some tips to doing Tasks.
  1. Select best suited task for you from the list.
     2. Do the task with minimum 80% of accuracy.

    3. Keep calm and steady.

Image credits:www.clixsense.com

Run Whatsapp And Other Apps In Your Windows/Mac Desktop Computers

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 Yeah you heard it right...There is an app called "BlueStacks App Player" which lets you run your favorite mobile apps fast and Fullscreen in your browser and on PC or Mac...You can use this app to run Whatsapp , bbm or any other Android apps...

                      Also don't worry if you don't have a high end Smartphone , You can still play amazing games like Temple run , Subwaysurfers etc. From your Desktop using this amazing app for Windows & Mac...                          The app is basically an emulator which provides an android platform for apps to run... Millions have already downloaded the app & is growing popular among the youth who wishes to chat from their desktops.

Just run Whatsapp from Emulator & register your mobile as you do on your mobile.... & Enjoy Whasappinggg

  • Download Bluestack for Windows : DOWNLOAD

Download Paid Apps Free From Google Play using Blackmart

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Note: It is always recommended to download Original apps from Playstore & respect the developers & be legal...This post is just to aware about the app...

Many of you will be very happy hearing this , as most of you won't like spending money on apps when you get it free ! As you know Google Playstore is slow & most of the apps you like are paid apps...So don't worry there is an app called Blackmart which is becoming popular as it can download paid apps from Playstore freely...Though it is illegal & against software policies it is growing popular..

The app developers claim that it is only for testing the paid apps in Android market & recommends users to buy original apps & respect the developers...As many of the apps available in the Blackmart is cracked...

These applications doesn't ensure the safety offered by Playstore & may be  vulnerable...

Download the app from  (Blackmart-net) : DOWNLOAD

What is Rooting & how can you root your Android

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If you are an Android user, you will surely encounter with the word ROOT … So did I… Rooting simply means giving access or permissions to access the system folders (root folders) which is usually invisible to users … So some of the apps requests for this function for working… It may be some of your favorite apps…
  • So what are the general advantage of Rooting:
  1.  Control your System speeds (requires Custom kernels)
  2. Firewall (control apps using your data)
  3. Block adds
  4. Change themes & install custom system apps
  5.  Many eye catching apps & much more… Once you have rooted you will find it out…

  • Yeah it got some disadvantages too…
It can void your guarantee … If you don't use it carefully it can brick your phone (dead )… SO BE CAREFULL…. But  it's the less chance if you use it safe & properly AND DON'T WORRY YOU CAN UNROOT YOUR PHONE TOO…. Or you can go back to your original phone OS by flashing the rom by Odin… Which is very easy…. Which will be added soon…

  • How can you root?
It basically is a script which modifies the android system file to unlock it… Usually we use a Superuser App to access & to install it we have to do a set of procedure… As root method varies from mobile to mobile… You can find out how to from www.xda-developers.com by searching your model there….
Or there is also one click root app called Superoneclick root (Limited Models)

Download YouTube Videos From Your Android Device

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               Yeah... you heard it right... You can now download YouTube (supports Daily Motion, Facebook, YouKu, other HTML5 videos) directly from your android using the amazing app called Tubemate... Though tubemate was available in Play store, since google doesn't like users downloading from YouTube, they kicked it out of playstore. But don't worry but it's still available out of the market.The main advantage of Tubemate is that you can download video of any quality or as mp3 or you can even download videos available for limited viewers...Here is a small tutorial below :
Here is the direct download link : DOWNLOAD (opera Store)

[Tutorial] How to Download using Tubemate?

  Courtesy: www.tubemate.net

1. Launch TubeMate.

2. Choose video in the YouTube mobile.

3. Click download button to download.

4. Choose the resolution you want to download.

5. When it starts to download, a notification shows up.


6. Pull down notification bar, and click a notification to show the information on downloading.

7. You can access the download files in download list.


8. When downloading is completed, you can play it in the download list.


9. When downloading is dropped (It shows red), you can resume it.


Download Libon-Free Calling Application For Android And iOS Users

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      Libon is one of the very popular free calling application available on google play and iTunes. This app providing users with HD quality voice calls. Libon is first launches for iPhone and now available for the android operating system with minimum of 2.2 android version.

Main features:

     Libon is offering users 6 months premium service for free those who were registering before 31st December 2013.they give 60 minutes free calls per month. You can call to mobile phones to landline and mobile to mobile calls to 40+ countries throughout the world. This is the best feature i ever found a free app can give.If you exceeded the free 60 minutes you can call libon to libon unlimited number of calls. I experienced very good sound quality and versatile to use without any crash.When we consider its sound quality it is perfect.like the same as whatsapp and wechatLibon provides users to chat with each other and can send voice messages to them. These all you have got only need a better data plan (prefer 3G) and  mobile phones with android or ios. This is the best opportunity to download before 31st December.
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Installation guide:

  1. Please click here to download for Android and iPhone users.
  2. After installing give an email address, password and phone number.
  3. Now it'll send an authentication text to your Inbox
  4. Enter the code and register.

More Details:

Earn Free Mobile Recharge With Android Applications

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[Updated 31-08-2015]
Unlock Rokda and Paisa Swipes are not working at present, so I'm decided to make a list of currently working and live mobile recharge/real money applications for android.
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✔ Champ Cash: Get $1 Signup Bonus And Unlimited Money On Referrals (New)
 Top 10 Verified Money Earning Apps 2015
 Mcent : Earn Free Recharges for Downloading Apps from playstore

Working Free Recharge Earning Apps for Android

Here im making a list of free recharge earning apps by higher paying order.( Attatching payment proof at the end of this article )
This app is live in the market from 2 years, i had made 17,000Rs through this app (Attatching payout proof)
     Task Bucks
    Using this app you can earn upto ₹600/- daily! you will get ₹25 for each friends you refer to this app, you can recharge through Paytm app. Payout through bank also possible. Click here to learn more about this app
    ☛ Use this referral code 45JEZGM3 while signup and get Rs 25/- Sign up bonus

    1. Unlock Rokda  [Not working]

         This is India’s first free mobile recharge application. 25000+ Already tried and rated 4.3 on Google play store. It is offering users with minimum payout of 10 rupees! No other free mobile recharge applications, giving this low amount of payment. So that this is one of the best ways to get free mobile recharge to your Indian mobile operators Airtel, idea, Vodafone, docomo, Reliance… within 24 hours..
    [Updated 8/1/2014]
    • Some users saying that unlock rokda is not paying (i have a personal experience) these days so I'm strongly recommend paisa swipe.

    Installation guide:

    Download and install this app from Google play store

    Earn Free Mobile Recharge With Android Applications

    Swipe right to end tutorial.
    Click New user register with email

    Earn Free Mobile Recharge With Android ApplicationsEarn Free Mobile Recharge With Android Applications

    Press power button and mobile goes to sleep mode.
    Press the power button again and view cool ads on the lock screen and get paid.

    More Screenshots

    Earn Free Mobile Recharge With Android ApplicationsEarn Free Mobile Recharge With Android Applications

    How this works:

    This application is only available for Android users. Running of unlocking rokda needs very less amount of  your RAM. So that majority of android versions is running this app very well.
         The app is paying you by viewing their full screen advertisement on your home screen. You need to do is just swipe the screen left or right(left swipe gives more paisa) and unlock . Yes! You have done! You will get 3 paisa for each swipe.

    2. Paisa Swipe [Not Working]

    [Updated 8/1/2013]
    • They giving 20 paisa for each you swipe left.
         It is similar to unlock rokda and one of the major advantage is you will get 10 paisa for each swipe. But the minimum payout is 50 rupees. It's also giving money other than mobile recharge, by providing Paypal account in the registering field and you can redeem to bank account linked with a Paypal account. The minimum Paypal redeems amount is 150 rupees. They are also planning to give DTH recharge also.
         They have got more advertisers than unlock rokda and it is also providing a referral scheme, those who referring more peoples to paisa swipe they will win free movie tickets or mobile recharge of 50 rupees.

    Installation guide:

    Download and install paisa swipe from google play Click Here
    Swipe right to end tutorial.
    SignUp with Facebook or creating a new account.

    Earn Free Mobile Recharge With Android ApplicationsEarn Free Mobile Recharge With Android Applications

    Press power button and mobile goes to sleep mode.
    Press power button again and the screen will show a full screen ad.
    Swipe right or left and get paid.